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A Daily Reflection Practice

Hey folks,

I’m currently working on a one page, front and back, My Daily Reflection Page to help me be mindful and intentional with my days. 113 more words

Just Life

Reflection 6: Big Learning: What Goes Around Comes Around

Lately I have been thinking about how intentional practice seeped into my consciousness. “Seeped” feels like the right verb for a concept that is still evolving and taking shape, admittedly at a slow but steady pace, gently nudging me along. 775 more words

Be Faithful As A Leader

Last Night I had the opportunity to hear some solid men describe different aspects of what Leadership can look like at Ohio Christian University’s 2014 Leadership Forum. 552 more words

Who’s Afraid of Reduction? Massimo Pigliucci and the Rhetoric of Redemption

On the one hand, Massimo Pigliucci is precisely the kind of philosopher that I like, one who eschews the ingroup temptations of the profession and tirelessly reaches out to the larger public.  2,263 more words


Setting Intentions

The weekend is over, it’s another Monday morning. It’s not even the first day of my workweek, but I still often feel broadsided by Mondays. It doesn’t happen at the start of the day, but by mid-morning, I’m usually suffering from that infamous case of the Mondays. 281 more words

This week's featured archive: The distinctive questioning being

As human beings we are not alone in resolutely engaging with the world.  A variety of animals, in the sea and on land, interact recursively with their environment using aspects of their environment to manipulate other aspects. 689 more words


April 18, 2014 - Who or What?

When hiring someone is it more important to consider “who” or “what”? Should they have the “who” qualities of good character, being a team player, trustworthiness, and integrity? 178 more words