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Are Pre Workouts Necessary?

For the final post in this series I will be brief because there is no need to go into a long post about something that’s rather simple, at least in my brain. 650 more words



Max is obnoxiously persistent. I’ve already shared how persistent he is on walks either when he catches the scent of something he just must smell or when he is ready to sprint around. 492 more words


When you invest in quality, you diminish the need for quantity.

- Adino


How has the predominance of the human cyborg grown in response to emerging human technology?

The image of the cyborg is one that blurs the line between the human and technology; that which is natural and man-made (Verbeek 2008, pg 387). 691 more words

Technology Diet

Technology is fast. We have a plethora of information at our finger tips.  The only thing stalling it, is our WPM (words per minute).  The capabilities are limitless! 589 more words

Faith & Revelations

Phrenomenology: Zahavi, Dennett and the End of Being

We are led back to these perceptions in all questions regarding origins, but they themselves exclude any further question as to origin. It is clear that the much-talked-of certainty of internal perception, the evidence of the cogito, would lose all meaning and significance if we excluded temporal extension from the sphere of self-evidence and true givenness.

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Because of What She Said

Day 21! (10 more days to go!!!)

You know when you hear a phrase and it sticks in your mind all day? It lingers, not always welcomed, like smoke from a candle puffed out. 409 more words