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Knock knock. Who's there?

LEAH who? LEAH you.

And me and a million + people

Leah is a community of people engaged in contemplation, prayer and action

to bring healing love to those in poverty, addiction, abuse, … 144 more words


A Perfect Storm.

Last night, I woke to a rainstorm striking my metal roof. Turns out we had four inches of rain last night, which is fabulous. When my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. 343 more words


Searle's construction of social reality

In his book ‘The Construction of Social Reality’ (Searle 1995:1) and later works, John Searle [1] discusses the problem that ‘there are portions of the real world, objective facts in the world, that are only facts by human agreement’.  1,712 more words

Essays And Talks


As I was checking out after a recent dental appointment, a handsome, tall young man was approaching from my left side, pushing a wheelchair to go around behind me – the older, oxygen fed woman in his apparent charge was in need of the restroom. 942 more words