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Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses

(for Alison Stultz)

Tranquil breezes

Fan the face in line

With the beat

Of Abba’s Heart

For His Daughter,

A Beauty in every way… 80 more words


Non-Existent Objects and Crane’s Phenomenological Criticism of the Purely Relational View of Intentionality

Non-existent objects, as the name implies, are objects that do not exist. Included in this classification are beings of mythology (Hades, Pegasus, and Medusa, just to name a famous few), characters in novels (for example, Sherlock Holmes, Mary Poppins, and the Cheshire Cat), contradictions (married bachelors and round squares), and rejected scientific objects (phlogiston and Vulcan). 2,802 more words


Tai Chi Y3D271: Finishing a Page

I finished this page that it feels like I’ve been working on for weeks, this morning. I’m not happy with it.  I think that the tendency to underrate, even under-value, one’s own work in the arts, is a common problem. 490 more words


A Daily Routine With Intention

A tranquil mind gives life to the flesh.
Psalm 14:30

What is your daily routine?

We all have one. Sometimes it just happens. Sometimes we plan it. 283 more words


One Last Look Back... & Then Forward

I’ve let this place lie fallow for a week now.

I’ve been resting.  Contemplating what’s come, and what comes next.

Almost two months ago, I built this blog out of sheer desperation.   270 more words


BBT Creep...

“Given the inability of SDT-based models to account for blind insight, our data suggest that a more radical revision of metacognition models is required. One potential direction for revision would take into account the evidence, mentioned in the Introduction, that neural dynamics underlying perceptual decisions involve counterflowing bottom-up and top-down neural signals (Bowman et al., 2006; Jaskowski & Verleger, 2007; Salin & Bullier, 1995). 441 more words


when a break goes to fast

in the past couple months I have taken a break from a few things in life that I was previously doing on a regular basis before. 796 more words