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Update 29-11-2014

Hello techies,

I wanted to show my gratitude to y’all for following me despite the lack of new content. I started on a new school which completely changed my mindset, but it wil change. 280 more words


Why I hate going to Church

-You should come to our church. It’s pretty great, we’re open minded, drink coffee during the service, wear jeans, and laugh with friends. It’s not like going to your traditional church, where you have to dress up, sing lame hymns, and hear Trust us, our church is so cool.- 688 more words


UserCentered Web Site Development A HumanComputer Interaction Approach Criteria

· Coordinate Calling Plan

· Uploading of Avaya interaction Server 1000 Applications to the Implementation server

Theoretically, the ideal of the mode of economic development… 241 more words

The Next Era of Designers Will Use Data as Their Medium

The software industry today is in need of a new kind of designer: one proficient in the meaning, form, movement, and transformation of data. I believe this Data Designer will turn out to be the most important new creative role of the next five years. 1,487 more words


First Posts

Starting a new blog or website places a certain amount of pressure on the author to provide spectacularly worthy, interesting, or thought provoking content for the first visitors to read, in the hopes that they might be enthused enough to return in the future. 454 more words