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This is how likable people stay so

This post originally appeared at LinkedIn. More from Kathy here.

This year, my work on Forbes, Huffington Post, and LinkedIn has allowed me to connect with millions of people I never would have had the chance to without these avenues. 1,462 more words

133. Shades

Oh her different shades of hair,
the cloaks of soul’s nobility,
each silken strand enhanced
by the autumn qualities —

Of golden rays to brighten sky… 71 more words


Three Reasons Why You Need To Color Outside The Lines

Remember when you were a kid and you had your box of zillion count crayons and you spent hours coloring in your coloring books, but you never really wanted to color outside the big bold outlines? 549 more words


132. Past Midnight

The last sip finished far too quick
for a conversation still too young,
and the hours drift too fast
when bantering in youthful fun.

Another round of lattes then? 46 more words


Flashback Friday: "Closer" by Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo’s upbeat song “Closer” reminds us of the basic need for human interaction. Not only do people crave love on a deep level, but they seek simple connection. 215 more words


In Your Head

I met a man who spends his summers on an island in the arctic. Has for the last forty years. For thirteen weeks he lives in an eight-by-ten cabin and spends his days putting bands around the ankles of baby seabirds. 101 more words