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We are introducing a new section called “Speak free ok?” on our website. We would really appreciate you guys, if you take interest in commenting in that section. 95 more words

Visuals for Cognify

I have recently done some work for Cognify. Cognify is a new web-based app that helps you structure your personal and professional goal attainment. Cognify offers a structured means to keep to an maintain your progress towards a goal; whether it be saving money, to spending time with your children, exercising etc. 137 more words


Week 02: Teamwork

This week I decided to read chapter 6, in About Face, get more information on working in teams and what works or doesn’t work. As well as the responsibility breakdown on an IX team. 100 more words


Goshawks won't eat just anyone

Predator-prey interactions

How do top predators impact prey populations? This is more complex then it may seem. More predators logically leads to less prey, but it also leads to increased competition for resources among a now larger predator population.  525 more words


Do people still talk to one another in London, UK?

London, UK, images, communication, talking, people, electronic gadgets, groups of people, everyone, mobile phones, flashy headphones, personal music, MP 3 players, not talking to each other, digital age, tube station, London Underground 11 more words


170. Good Mourning

How often have I dreamt it now
in those early minutes before day,
that you and I could redo fate,
the silly promises in jest made, 63 more words


A New Way to See: Microsoft HoloLens

It is not only a promotion video that Microsoft is introducing its Windows 10 and the new HoloLens, the video also shows how these technologies will change and shape your new life, by transforming your world with holograms, as the slogan says. 102 more words