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The Sound of Taste. Grey London Creates a Musical Poster.

E-Ink isn’t really a new technology. Forms of it have been around for over a decade being used in some form of the print industry to create levels of mild interactivity. 120 more words

Design And Art

Video Games as a Solution to the One-Sided Problem of Art

In October I wrote a post in defense of gaming in which the central argument is a claim that any person who takes experiencing art as an important human experience should consider certain types of games as a worthwhile use of time as well. 579 more words


04/11: Waterfall Swing

Last summer I tagged along with the Waterfall Swing as it went to the Forecastle Festival in Louisville Kentucky. As a swing, the project is a great example of interactive art, as a sheet of water is printed out around anyone on the swing. 47 more words


Ben Cain: All artwork is interactive

Ben Cain gave a talk yesterday in which he asserted “All artwork is interactive”.  His work tries to make explicit the viewer’s role, to call forth a response – and question whether that has an effect.  291 more words

Lake Merced: A collaboration

Project Proposal

– Rubber Duckies  –

This project intends to make a new discovery of Lake Merced and to bring attention this body of water. The experience of developing the project will be a learning process for the making of a public site-specific art piece. 364 more words

Highlighting women as creators (via paper dolls)

My recent paintings experiment with and assess the personal impact of the artistic canon.  In superimposing the art historical canon over my own paper doppelgänger, I engage in a form of portraiture similar to what Svetlana Alpers refers to in… 1,233 more words