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Interactive Art

Interactive art is defined as a form of art that involves the spectator in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose.  Its very closely related to participatory, so since we are working with participatory,  I thought id show an example of an artist who works with both  of these. 179 more words

Interactive Sculpture 12/11/14 - workshop 2

While many worked on using the basic functions of Arduino with the use of an LED and changing and editing basic code to make lights come on and off at varying speeds (see video) … 54 more words

Interactive Sculpture Session REDLAND SCHOOL WORKSHOP 10.07.14

I was one of the members of the Interactive Sculpture group who ran a workshop “Creature in a Cup” at Redlands Primary School Reading.

‘Creature in a cup’ electronics and art workshop for schools…

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Becoming Apart of the Festival

When preparing for music festivals it is always the same repetitive process for me; don’t forget the water, toiletries, camping gear, food etc. However, this past festival I attended was quite different in terms of preparation. 152 more words

Elements of Play

Come let us play like children……… Ann Hamilton: “the event of a thread” You won’t be sorry.

Ann Hamilton is a perfect example of the artist providing pure… 117 more words


Traditional Participation

As expressed in Meg Floryan’s article Interactive and Participatory Art, the rise of participatory artwork has been a product of our society’s integration into the digital age and the ‘connectivity’ it’s given our lives. 458 more words

Contemporary Artists

Interactive Art

The assignment was to create an interactive experience by an established artist. The artist I choose was Robert Delaunay.