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Stop-Motion Project and Research Paper

Davon Wood

Survey of Animation & Visual Effect

Professor Schwartz

Oct 25, 2014

Stop-Motion: Jan Svankmajer Paper

Jan Svankmajer was born in Prague, September 4th, 1934. 602 more words


InFographic Friday: Fat or Fiction

Fat or Fiction is an interesting take on infographics – merging images of tangible products with interactive digital elements, while also supplying important information about the facts of fat in our food. 22 more words


Interactive Redstone Computer (Calculator, Games, Music and more) New Official Video

This is my new official video of my redstone computer. The old one was amazing, this one, is even better. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! More info down …

Interactive Live Holography - From Science Fiction to Science Fact

Introducing live medical holography – the world’s first 3D holographic display and interface system, initially for medical imaging applications. To learn mor…
by Internet Archive Book Images

Homicide: Pittsburgh and Allegheny County

A morbid look into the homicides in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, sortable by type.

Care of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

My Upcoming Book Will Be Interactive

Below you’ll findĀ a sample from my upcoming book, Maybe These Are Poems/Maybe These Are Songs/Whatever They Are/They Sure Aren’t Long.

You’ll notice to the right of the poem/song/whatever is a prompt. 75 more words


Circuit Conductors

The website below is an interactive website to allow students to explore the concept of circuit conductors. I would use the website in a fourth grade classroom, since that is currently where my students are learning about electricity and circuit conductors. 82 more words

Physical Science