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Same Sex Marriage

If you’ve ever wondered about which states currently allow same-sex marriages, CNN recently created an interactive map that allows users to scroll over a state to find out their standing policies on same-sex marriage. 6 more words

Heavy metal, gassy or just highly reactive?

Learn all about carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and their (sometimes very unstable) neighbours in this interactive periodic table of the elements.


For more resources from Scientific American, please visit their website at: … 45 more words


Prime Apes on Display

Between having a band, and mounting a show with said band lies the actual work. In less than two weeks, on Saturday December 6th, we play at Lanalou’s on Powell Street. 141 more words

What makes the 'Smart Desk' Smart?

For the past number of weeks I have been using the phrase “smart desk” to describe my project, yet I have not made it clear how it is indeed smart within my sketches or tutorials as of yet. 205 more words

Product Design

Tap the magic tree by Christie Matheson (2013)

From its title alone, today’s picture book had my attention. And it just got better and better.

Another “interactive” book that this time features a gorgeous tree that transforms, with a little help from a tapping finger. 75 more words

Picture Book

Thoughts about Sundays/ frustrations regarding finishing projects.

Happy Sunday! A day for relaxing, thrift store shopping, and too much breakfast food.

So I’ve been piling away at different sections of a hybrid project for a few months now, and what a freaking journey that has been. 121 more words

Cool adjustable play and study centre!

This amazing interactive space designed by Ruetemple can be used for work, play and leisure. The relaxed approach to a study space can help young or older minds to thrive and work at their own pace. 108 more words

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