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Robots with Personality!

Meet our friendly robots and find out how we’re infusing them with laughter, humour, empathy, compassion and charm.

At the TCD Speech Communication Lab, Prof. Nick Campbell of the CNGL Centre for Global Intelligent Content and his research team are building ‘companion machines’ that are capable of understanding and reacting to our social behaviour. 48 more words


Become a Digital Historian for a Night!

Take a Personalised Journey through Digital Archives of the 1916 Rising

The TCD-led CNGL Centre for Global Intelligent Content invites you to become a digital historian for a night! 115 more words

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The Science behind the Smile

Meet the researchers at the Dublin Dental Hospital and learn about the dental chair, high-tech sensors of tooth grinding and the science behind the smile! 13 more words

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Check anti-spam law's in Canada

Holy smokes, Canada has a new anti-spam law. Am I on the safe side? Help!

Click image on the left to see the BIG PICTURE! 416 more words


Waves in the Brain

Our brain is made of approximately 100 billion nerve cells, called neurons. The communication between neurons within our brain plays a fundamental role in all our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 229 more words

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