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Box2D and Geometry Plug-In available

oz.Box2D Plugin is now available from http://www.benoitlahoz.net/

oz.Box2D is a plug-in bundle for the graphic development environment Quartz Composer.

It is based on the 2D physics library Box2D and configure some of its functions to be usable through node-based programming. 1,466 more words


Are comment sections on news websites on the way out?

Trying to tame “the world of horrible Internet awfulness.”

One of the most empowering aspects of the Internet has been its ability to foster online interaction and feedback, wherein “regular people” have a megaphone in addition to journalists and writers on publisher websites. 632 more words

Blogging Is So Satisfying

I enjoy it. I really do. I took a break for a while here and when I came back and started doing updates again, I felt better. 247 more words


Cklone: Custom design for Electrobotik Invasion

Our Partner Cubbo Bookings asked us to customize our Cklone VJing Tool for one of his customers, Electrobotik Invasion to perform the real time Kinect rigging in 2 big festivals in Montepelier “El dorado Circus Show and Electrobotik Invasión” 36 more words

Video Art

Emergence Room

As I already pointed out, I see a huge value and especially a unique trope of game stories in emergent narration (also often dubbed “player stories”). 2,330 more words


Digi-tots Playtime, by Stephen Tafoya

In 2010, when I worked as a Reading and Comprehension Consultant, and the year the iPad launched, I immediately got excited at the potential for iPad usage in education. 849 more words