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Christian Monggard - "paper journalist" gone to Twitter

The new online platforms – like social media – can be seen as a threat to the original media powerhouses, but some are not as negative in their outlook. 343 more words


For someone so obsessed with checking social media, the challenge of not using any of it for twenty-four hours was extremely difficult; so difficult that I could not do it. 419 more words

Creating Interactivity: When an infographic talks!

Infographics are wonderful things. In this world of the visual, they provide an effective way of conveying a complex information graphically, so that the reader may quickly get an overview of a topic. 432 more words


Comment: It's okay to ask "What are games?"

Asking whether a game is actually a game has become a weapon to attack games that don’t fit a particular profile (or someone’s particular tastes) in order to discourage discussion of that particular game.   578 more words


Social Media Deprivation

What would one do if they could not use any social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) for an entire twenty-four hours? I decided that I would accept this challenge and describe my experiences through withdrawal. 610 more words

Intro To Media Studies

Hi Facebook

Well, I bet you’re wondering what this post is about…. Well, I now have a Facebook page on this blog, with a couple additional features added on, most importantly being the emphasis on INTERACTIVITY. 43 more words

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Shout Out for New Songs

Hi, So, as you may have noticed, I’ve been posting a song every day for about a month or so, and I’ve been really enjoying finding new and old songs all over Youtube, and hopefully you have as well. 74 more words

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