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Social media is bullshit

is the title of an enlightening and helpful little book by BJ Mendelson.

It helps you sort out the crap from the hype. Some things that rang bells… 437 more words


Interactive Rorschach Test

It dawned on me today. My creative process over the past few days amounts to the equivalent of an interactive Rorshach Test. Yesterday, I started out by painting swirls of metallic and iridescent paints and after spending time with them, added to them. 290 more words

Personal Stories

Gone Home is a departure

In his article about why games aren’t art, Roger Ebert observed that you don’t win art. Games are something you compete in, solve, or win, and art is something you let happen to you, that transports you. 669 more words

What is Multimedia

The purpose of the authors in writing these articles is to give technology learners, teachers, aspiring technology and multimedia experts the grasps of what multimedia mean, what are the things that needs to remember to be able to know its background and to serve as the starting point before going deeper with this talk of the town and prestigious subject of the new generation. 620 more words

Mountain [Tea Tales]


“- no controls – automatic save

- audio on/off switch 

- time moves forward 

- things grow and things die

- nature expresses itself” 627 more words

Tea Tales

Mario Maker: What We Want to See

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

In case you missed E3 2014, A new Wii U title named ‘Mario Maker’ debuted. This is one of the most exciting titles set to release early 2015.   483 more words


Inside the Avatar

An insightful post from the always insightful site, Polygon, discussed growing up with video games as a black man. It was personal and it was illuminatingly honest as the author talked about the obscurities of relating to the characters he controlled in numerous games. 924 more words