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The Highway Patrol Chooses to Ignore a Court Order

Posted on September 19, 2014 by scenensantacruz Edit

It is January of 2010 have completed all the preliminary steps, required and now we can legally sue the California Highway Patrol In Small Claims Court. 2,944 more words


What Offensive Statistics Are Predictive Of Season Performance?

I’ve been considering what statistics to begin tracking with the Bayesian estimator, and decided a major criterion should be whether early-season observations are predictive of late-season performance.   407 more words


Part 4: CHP bills for "Accident Investigation"


We got the first demand letter from the CHP in October, 4 months after the accident and 2 months after the DMV returned my husband’s drivers license. 1,524 more words


It's not just the interceptions: 20 other embarrassing parts of Tony Romo's life

Tony Romo had a pretty terrible hilariously awful weekend. 

The much maligned Cowboys quarterback threw three mind-numbing interceptions in the first half against the 49ers. Patrick Willis, Niners star linebacker, 482 more words

Dallas Cowboys Week 1 Review

Oh boy, that was something. The Dallas Cowboys lost a pretty laughable game to the San Francisco 49ers to start the NFL season. It was a game typical of the Tony Romo era Cowboys. 512 more words


The 2014 Detroit Lions story: A referendum on Matt Stafford and his matrix

He was the Wonder Boy. No. He is the Wonder Boy. He’s the kid groomed to be a quarterback from sixth grade, the kid that as a seventh grader had Highland Park High School thinking about a state championship, the kid that as a freshman had Georgia thinking about a national championship. 740 more words