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The interconnectedness of trees; we have more in common than not

Today I attended the Aurora Jewish Renewal Congregation, a collective of individuals whom I find to be very inclusive as well as progressive, who admit the diversity in their thinking as well as their theology. 247 more words

Does the FCC want to oversee peering deals like Netflix vs. Comcast?

The FCC will soon pass new rules for how ISP’s must handle broadband traffic and, while it’s expected to impose a policy of net neutrality when it comes to consumers, it’s been less clear how the agency will resolve another thorny internet issue: whether network providers can charge content companies to accept their traffic — and throttle their streams if they don’t pay. 608 more words

Being Supported by Interconnection

So, I do have a conundrum:  If I’m not sure if there is a higher being, who do I depend on for stability and support?  Is the Interconnectedness Of All Things sufficient to maintain me when things get tough? 550 more words


Unfinished Business: Bringing Others into The Light

I consider days I leave work feeling as though I still have unfinished business to be “long” days. I love my job and I know with absolutely every fiber of my being I am in the right field.

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As our hearts open to deeper understanding...

As our hearts open to deeper understanding, our circle of compassion naturally enlarges and spontaneously begins to include more and more “others” — not just our own tribe, sect, nation, or race, but all human beings, and not just humans, but other mammals, and birds, fish, forests, and the whole beautifully interwoven tapestry of living, pulsing creation. 281 more words


Higher Love and Sweeter Sex: Part 3

Love was born first, the gods cannot reach it, or the spirits, or men….. Far as heaven and earth extend, far as the waters go, high as the fire burns, you are greater, love! 268 more words