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Becoming Fuzzy

Carefully watch

Words that tumble

From your mouth

You never know

The sinking feeling

That may result

Your intention may be good

Your intention may be just… 23 more words


Sleep like a river

“How we need another soul to cling to.” – Sylvia Plath

Since my nine year old son watched a particularly scary episode of Dr Who we have started practising ‘kawa no ji mitai’. 1,120 more words

When Wayward Becomes the Way

The most golden of all rules

The golden rule

What you do unto the least of me

You do unto me

Any question

Has an answer… 26 more words


What are you thinking?


So I’m driving along on a California freeway, six lanes in each direction.  Six lanes.  The traffic is relatively light, so we can all choose whatever lane we want.   829 more words


Sawa Bona - I see you

We are human only through the humanity of others – Nelson Mandela

Life can be so busy that we never stop to think how we automatically say ‘hello’ – is it just a superficial pleasantry that saves us from having to engage on any deeper level? 288 more words

Random Thoughts


Interconnected, interdependent, one. No one and no thing can exist on this planet without the sacrifice, surrender, and miraculous participation of multiple beings. The air you are breathing is sourced from other living beings. 104 more words

World Service Meditations