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A New Perspective and Awareness: Priceless

I am so sorry my friend

I didn’t mean it to end like that

I’m still here

And will always be

I can’t approach you now… 47 more words


Harmonic Awareness. Vibrating Just Like So

The past is past

And that is that

No hard feelings

Nothing like that

We all learned

We all cried

In the end

The self we held

Must die


Let Go/Breathe In. Ahh

You took everything away from me

Mr. my name rhymes with karate

But in the end you gave it back to I

Here we both are… 49 more words


This Pond Absorbs Inadvertent Shame Brothers and Sisters!

There is a pond

In my apartment complex

It is beautiful

Everything is here

Everything is going

Back where it goes

One day I took a walk around… 112 more words


* Tao 101

“Life is fleeting,

Tao is constant:

An eternal emptiness full of bursting”

                                                                                                              Lao Tzu

Over the years I have come across many quotes from Lao Tzu that really resonated with me. 191 more words

Middle Ground

Other/Mother/Another? Lover...

He was threatening my safety

He tried to touch my gun

I am justice

Extending justice to all

I am on the side of right… 135 more words


The Interconnected Candy Adventure

I love candy! (especially M&Ms)

I’m pretty sure that’s why Halloween is at top of the list for “my favorite time of the year.”  If I could get away with it, I would be that 30 year old man who dressed up and went trick-or-treating.   747 more words