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The trees naturally give us fruit.
The birds naturally provide us song.
The stream naturally wipes us clean.

Then why do we continue to hurt them? 337 more words


Entropy and Atrophy - the half pulse

The second law of thermodynamics loosely translated into lay terms says that everything tends to disorder, it talks of entropy, which is the uncertainty or disorder in a system. 533 more words

MoonFlow: Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces Full Moon


Pisces is the sign of the Mystic, the Poet, and the Dreamer- making it challenging to write something cohesive about this sign without solely engaging with art, poetry, or music to express its significance. 746 more words


The Breeze Makes It Free

It’s warm and breezy,

the Milky Way present,

full moon bright

behind rustling leaves.

Sitting on my front porch, I watch

the spider who lives over the outside light… 72 more words


Wendell Berry's Wisdom

“The idea that we live in something called ‘the environment’ is utterly preposterous. . . . The world that environs us, that is around us, is also within us. 288 more words

Environmental Health

Thoughts on a Thursday - Balance

Balance is important to me.  If something is out of kilter in my life I can feel it strongly; whether it’s too little time studying, or too much time alone, or not enough time with my family, the lack of balance seems to affect the way I feel about the world. 290 more words