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Sawa Bona - I see you

We are human only through the humanity of others – Nelson Mandela

Life can be so busy that we never stop to think how we automatically say ‘hello’ – is it just a superficial pleasantry that saves us from having to engage on any deeper level? 288 more words

Random Thoughts


Interconnected, interdependent, one. No one and no thing can exist on this planet without the sacrifice, surrender, and miraculous participation of multiple beings. The air you are breathing is sourced from other living beings. 104 more words

World Service Meditations

vulnerable unknowing - October 19


a storm comes through,

a tower a thousand

miles away goes dark,

the airplane


someone gets sick

someone several

thousand miles

away dies, 66 more words


All Encompassing Peace

If everything were God

Of course that would be me

And of course that would be you

If everything were God

That would of course be the morning dove… 29 more words


By the misty lantern's light

By the misty lantern’s light
my friends swoop in silence,
releasing their catch into my hands;
we work together: even the lantern, even the boat… 12 more words


In its third edition on Oktober 2nd, 2014, the cross-industrial and international business forum TMI – Tourism meets Industry – was dealing with two topics that are of vital importance for alpine tourism: concepts for the future production of snow (artificial vs. 392 more words


* Haiku - connection

Knowledge – 28” x 22” – © Lana Grant.You can find her work here


Find your Middle Ground

knowing its not yours to have

it connects us all



Middle Ground