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How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm?

Family farming is inextricably linked to national and global food security. As the International Year of Family Farming comes to a close I want to mention climate change and family livelihood from the land. 216 more words

Culture And Identity

Tobacco is sacred. Heres my practice

Well everything is sacred

but this piece is about my journey of connecting with the tobacco plant.

I remember turning 18 years old and in Quebec this is the official time when you are legal… to buy and consume alcoholic beverages, smokes etc. 845 more words

Soul Musings/Day 20: Love's Greatest Gift

Breathing love onto the Earth

Inspired growing things to rise up from rich, dark soil

Feeding the human that gave their labor

Who then share their food with the family nearby… 201 more words

Breathing Spaces

Verizon: We Can Basically Charge Netflix For Peering Forever And There's Nothing The FCC Can Do To Stop It

The FCC is facing a lot of opposition this year, but Verizon in particular just really seems to thrive on challenging the agency. The latest move from the telco giant is a message to the FCC that even if they use Title II to regulate net neutrality, there is nothing the commission can do to prevent interconnection fee spats like the one Verizon and Netflix had this year. 417 more words

Revilers Will Revileā€¦and then nothing changes

Oh my gosh, I’m starting a post with a dictionary entry. What’s become of me??

REVILE verb (used with object), reviled, reviling.

1. to assail with contemptuous or opprobrious language; address or speak of abusively.

717 more words
Connecting With Animals

Xmas greetings post Sydney siege

Sending everyone a greeting card to celebrate the season. Here in Australia we have been somewhat disturbed by the recent siege in Sydney…sadly 2 precious lives were lost, and others greatly traumatised. 197 more words


Dear Universe


I am open to infinite possibility

I welcome teachers, mentors, guides: humans, plant medicines, elements, animals…

I promise to follow that SPARK, that deep yearning and knowingness that wants to keep growing and changing through dark and light… 84 more words