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Facing My Own Attachment to Separation

When I take seriously the interconnected web of all existence, when I begin to try to experience it, I also come face to face with my own attachment to separation. 667 more words


Little Altars Everywhere: A Mindfulness Practice

I’m totally obsessed with love.

Admittedly, a desire for romantic and erotic love is a very loud part of that obsession. But it’s not all. 905 more words



“The way you feel about yourself is the way the universe feels about you too”. – Sura 

Coming back to Toronto two years ago, I’ve noticed that there is a different culture to the city than in Vancouver and the west coast.

513 more words
Reconnecting With Self

This Is Why Netflix Just Got So Blazingly Fast

Comcast Internet subscribers are continuing to see dramatic improvement in Netflix performance following a deal in which the streaming video company agreed to pay for a direct connection to the nation’s largest broadband provider, according to… 652 more words

God Is a Verb

The Jewish mystics suggest that God is a verb. Instead of thinking of God as a being, we might think of it as Be-ing. Instead of using the word God, we might use the verb, God-ing. 413 more words


Everything Is God, God Is Everything

In the Buddhist tradition, there is not much discussion about God—in fact, Buddhism has been called a religion without a God. But more to the point, the Buddha was said to regard such questions as irrelevant. 393 more words


Our Own Life and the Life of the Universe Are One

In many posts on this blog, I have been exploring the concept of God. I hope to help us to move past old rigid images of the big man in the sky with a beard and white robe, the judge, the king, these all too human inventions that people have created in the quest for understanding, or often, in the quest for power. 439 more words