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Naked truth

This is a great question I saw it on my Twitter I got some friend requests and I was looking over their tweets and I saw a picture of a very beautiful girl. 143 more words


Sublime Evil

She had never been that silent for that long. No word, not even a sound.Things must have gone terribly wrong. But!Why did she did not cry out or shout? 371 more words

Pat Robertson Says Gays 'Will Die Out'

I think ignorant, bigoted, aging televangelists will die out LONG before gays do.

“You know those who are homosexual will die out because they don’t reproduce.

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The Betrayal.

We’ve all done it.

Whether it’s about how much we weigh, how many drinks we’ve had or how old we are, lying is, unfortunately, a fact of life. 1,173 more words

Celebrate the Xmas with Tips and Affordable Sex Toys for Men from Penny Lanes

Anxiety can wreak destruction on all zones of your well being, including your charisma. Anxiety builds your heart rate (in the terrible way) and expands pulse, both harming to sexual craving and execution. 418 more words



I caressed her body as she moaned deeply, penetrating into the various spots that made her hot, I can’t erase the experiences that have landed but I can grant you a round trip to sex planet, I’ve planned it so thoroughly in my mind, “won’t you touch me?” She said, I told her I wanted her mind first so we locked eyes and let time disperse itself into endlessness, they say when you’re downtown to lick the alphabet but I took a step further and went cursive with my penmanship, licking and kissing and ticklin her thighs so slow, touching her body with my tongue alone, I just want your legs to shake, your head be alleviated, I want you to drip ecstasy until you’re numb with omg, but I’m not done I continue kissing after you come but ih so gently as not to over press the sensitivity, lovely thick nectar wetting up the sheets but it’s okay we’re adults, we can respond however we want when we’re in heat, I wanna pull your hair and sink my teeth into your neck but not to draw blood, to draw the makings of love, let me test your flexibility, don’t act timidly let loose because it’s gonna be a while before you rest, it’s so natural it’s so real, while your legs are up I kiss your feet from the toe to the heel, when you on top it’s like you’re straddling a hill the way your body is propped up, we got slow music that’s popped but it’s in the background singing backup as we continue the sex up into cloud 9’s cloud 9, I’ve decided time will have to wait for us as we engage in intercourse with a touch of rough force unless you want me to go deeper, I’m interlocked in those legs those thighs, those hips those eyes, those lips that mind, we appear in mirrors to show our true selves two hearts fused together into one remarkable portrait, embrace my emotions with your feelings, and feel me as I go deeper, I fill you like a balloon with helium, let our fucking be the act 1’s intermission into act 2 pay attention we act 3 throughout our lives when we act 4 the rest of this night and just lay with me, in the bliss of our appearances, the sunrise will catch our bare naked bodies layed up in bed sheets trying to sleep before the kids wake…just-love-me…


Jose Padua: Then I Will Tell You a Story about Blue Butterflies...

Then I Will Tell You a Story about Blue Butterflies That Fly Higher Than Your Heart Rises Just Before a Great Fall

These are the towns in Pennsylvania whose… 243 more words