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It gets better (female orgasm edition)

Dear young women of the world, I am here to tell you what someone should have told me when I was 15 and having routinely disappointing sex: … 1,347 more words

Generic Levitra Helps To Eradicates ED Issues

Generic Levitra is therapy to cure ED for maximum period of 12 hours due to consist of intimacy booster compound termed as vardenafil. It works in a sensational manner to defuse impotency reaction over penile by assassinating phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme that has been proven as the biggest obstructer to make blood flow without any interference. 159 more words

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Edegra Performing Successfully Against Impotency

Edegra has been a vital medicinal drug which leads for curing from the harmful issues of impotency & this medicinal drug has been confirmed by the drug analyzers of Food & Drug Association (FDA). 112 more words

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Edegra Evolves Sensual Power By Halting Impotency

Edegra makes men survive in sexual relationship by boosting sexual proficiency. Men that become applicable for its usage are those who couldn’t achieve rigid erection as they wish to become eligible for intercourse. 164 more words

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Intercourse PA

Intercourse PA

Having lived in the Harrisburg area and left when I was going into graduate school, I never really got the opportunity to play tourist in Lancaster County much and do the whole Amish Country scene. 818 more words


Let's Talk About Homosexuality, Pedophilia and Bestiality

A few weeks ago I was bumming around my apartment, playing on this blog while watching an old episode of Law & Order SVU. The show is always a bit disturbing, but the ideas of main criminal made me want to shoot the T.V. 794 more words

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How To Last Longer During Intercourse - 5 Easy Ways To Have Sex For More Time

If you suffer from PE, then you must learn to last longer during sex. Fortunately, there are some natural methods that men can use to effectively treat PE. 602 more words

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