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Song of the Devil

Sure footed as a mountain goat

The devil climbed my mound

And rode his starry night ride sky

Right into the sound of silence

Broke like waves… 57 more words


Ah Yes ...

Ah yes she wrote …
must say I am much gladdened
to hear you are animate
if not quite animated
and that I have not lost you… 52 more words


Drive Thru

When people think of a drive thru they think of all the delicious fast foods that comes to mind. Everyone has their go to hangover drive thru, as well as having their favorite cheat day meal, and don’t forget the late night “i am drunk” drive thru. 573 more words


Masturbation Station

Masturbation is never as good as the real thing. My friend argued otherwise, but I feel that another person is much better than sitting in your room alone, with your laptop, and your hand down your pants. 366 more words


No Reason to Suffer Post-Menopausal Lubrication Issues


For those over 50, it can still be uncomfortable to talk about. This is why many women suffer from sexual dysfunctions and never get help. 326 more words

Interstice - 6: the coupling

- 6 –

And then the narrative runs away.  Nearly ever a mix of caffeinated alcohol, the disaster of stories unfolds.  We yield them occurrence in time.  639 more words


New STD Protection For Men: The Scroguard [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In case you’re extra worried about the contraction of STDs during sex, a new product has been developed for some extra preventative coverage. Click on the audio player to hear more about the Scrogaurd on The Russ Parr Morning Show! 100 more words

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