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Laura and Kris

So it was you who have been tormenting us! Everybody remember these two faces!

原来就是你们一直在祸害我们!请大家记住这两张脸! 20 more words


The Girders

Stiffening girder – A girder is a horizontal structure member supporting vertical loads by resisting bending. On plate girders, structural steel shapes such as an angle, are attached to the web to add intermediate strength. 706 more words

Professional Development

Start communicating and get rid of your prejudices!

In our last class we discussed the topic ‘cultural change’, which combines keywords like: diversity, multiculturalism, intercultural communication etc. I believe all these keywords should ideally include ‘tolerance’, but as we know, in intercultural communication there’s often lack of tolerance. 380 more words

Intercultural Communication

Hui-Ching Chang Researcher Profile

As Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for the University of Illinois at Chicago Honors College and associate professor of Communication, Prof. Chang sees knowledge as intimately connected with everyday practices, an integration that she finds well exemplified in studies of intercultural communication and language behavior. 451 more words

Intercultural Communication

Новые друзья и Отвлечение (New Friends & Distractions)

Дорогие друзья! (Dorogiye Druz’ya, Dear Friends!) дорогая семья! (Dorogaya Sem’ya, Dear Family!) Привет из Москвы! (Privet iz Moskvy, Greetings from Moscow!).

Things are going swimmingly here in the Russian capital. 677 more words


Francophone summit

The summit meeting of the Francophonie, the association of French-speaking countries, will be held shortly in Dakar. The organisation has just released its report on the state of the French-speaking world, which makes interesting reading. 371 more words

Intercultural Communication

From Cincinnati to Colombia: How Jeremy Booth Went from Being a Bearcat to Globetrotter, and Where He’ll Go Next

by Jeremy Booth (BA, 2011). Jeremy is a Peace Corps volunteer currently living in Colombia. Follow Jeremy at Los Viajes of an American , his personal blog detailing his travels, cultural inquiries, and personal reflections. 700 more words

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