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Corridors of power

As I write this, the World Economic Forum is going on up in Davos, a few miles from here. An editorialist in a local newspaper has commented that while the WEF means a big security operation, it attracts less opposition these days, and it has in fact lost its meaning. 296 more words


Moral Relativity In A Foreign Language - Can it affect you?

Well, recent research conducted by psychologists from the University of Chicago and Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona shows it can.

How? What?! You have probably never doubted your own integrity to this extent before. 309 more words


Howard Giles Researcher Profile

Howie Giles, past Head of Psychology and Chair of Social Psychology at the University of Bristol, England, has been Professor of Communication at the University of California, Santa Barbara… 440 more words

Intercultural Communication

Goodbye, my friend

Communication is defined on natcom.org as, “how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media.” Kendall Clark, a former student at Morehouse College, knew how to touch the lives of the individuals he communicated with. 524 more words

Intercultural Communication

Why Google Translate Won't Replace Your Brain

I love technology way too much, to the point where I  (too frequently) read what other people would consider to be obscure technology blogs devoted to specific mobile operating systems.  434 more words


暖男 [nuǎn nán]


n. A man with a heartwarming aura. Such a man is considerate, thoughtful, and evokes positive feelings among friends and family. His “family guy” personality makes him stand out as an ideal boyfriend or husband.