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The Danish “gækkebrev”

Easter is upon us and that is a big deal in Denmark. We not only have Friday and Monday off but also Thursday. And the Danes have a wonderful tradition to go with it, namely the “gækkebrev”. 199 more words

Intercultural Communication

Chinese Nobel Laureates

So far, the Chinese people who have received the Nobel Prize include: Not allowed to say, not allowed to say, and doesn’t say.



Shut up

Strongly recommend that the background music for Mo Yan’s award ceremony be Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Shut Up’. It’s practically made for him! ——Shut up Just shut up Shut up. 138 more words


Mo Yan

Don’t know who Mo Yan is? Never read his books? Don’t worry! You’ll see him on next year’s college entrance exams!!!



Nobel Laureate

Q: Are there any Chinese people who have won the Nobel prize?
A: There are, but they all have foreign citizenship.
(Ding Zhaozhong/Samuel C.C. Ting… 160 more words


Remembering to be Mindful

I never think about certain cultural differences between me and other people when I first interact with them. There are the obvious, surface indicators like race, social standing, socio-economic status (which sometimes is not so obvious), ethnicity or ethnic background, language, nationality; the things you get right off the bat. 514 more words

What is "cupping"?

While visiting China last summer I saw many men in Kunming who had a grotesquely large amount of red circles on their backs. Amazed and confused by what I saw, I asked my professor what these strange marks were. 297 more words

Intercultural Communication