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2015/01/28 Shadow FOMC statement

The members of the Shadow FOMC would like to apologize for our extended absence; we were held under house arrest by the agents of Stanley Fisher. 889 more words


A Guide to Finding Mortgage Savings

Many borrowers are paying more than they need to for a mortgage because they didn’t shop around for lenders enough, according to a new study released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 467 more words

For Buyers

Interest Rates Tell Us: Its a Great Time To Buy

I’m sure you’ve heard answer to the question, ‘do you own your own home?’ The answer often goes, ‘yes, me and the bank.’ We could add credit unions and mortgage lenders to the bank for this story. 319 more words

Home Mortgage

Money Managing Misery

Once in my life I had more money than I needed. Having a cushion should have promoted peace of mind and a feeling of security, but instead it caused me perpetual worries. 301 more words

ATM :: Five risks to India’s markets rally

By Bloomberg | 31 Jan, 2015, 02.22AM IST | Economic Times

There are times in financial-market rallies where the gains become so spectacular and the euphoria reaches such a pitch that it becomes easy to forget about the risks. 318 more words

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Arbitrage, Interest, & Exchange Rates

   By Bob Shapiro

Arbitrage is an unfamiliar term. However, our Economy depends on it for every transaction. The simplest explanation is buying cheap in one market and selling higher in another market. 1,081 more words

Monetary Policy

Economists, groupthink and dark clouds

The official cash interest rate in Australia is 2.5%pa. According to business press surveys of “leading economists”, most believe that the Reserve Bank of Australia should cut the official rate very shortly. 401 more words