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No predictions this time just a few thoughts on the South African Reserve Bank’s decision to keep rates steady at 5.75%

After months of warnings the Reserve Bank finally increased the interest rate in July (thankfully this was as I had… 364 more words


Obsession Over "Considerable Time"

The Fed concluded their two day meeting yesterday, and it held no real surprises.  The expansion of the balance sheet (almost $4Trillion in money printed since 2007) will finally come to an end next month. 336 more words


Fed rate shift could spook markets

A new worry is brewing on Wall Street: a potential change in the Federal Reserve’s message that could spark fear of a speeded-up timetable for interest rate hikes next year. 747 more words

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The Nuts and Bolts of Credit

Although I’m not a mortgage banker, I have taken several classes to determine how to get and maintain good credit. Here are a few things that you can do to help your credit: 447 more words

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The sun is setting on "quantitative easing" in the US: Did it work?

It’s nearly official. The Federal Reserve confirmed yesterday that if all goes according to plan, it will finally stop its policy of creating new money from thin air… 584 more words

Maintain Your Asset / Liability Mismatch At Your Own Peril!!

Recent news from around the world indicates that growth is slowing in nearly every region. Japan and China are pumping liquidity into their systems to encourage more growth. 203 more words