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Bond Market Update

On the Bond side of the equation, I’ll be watching the price action via TLT, an exchange traded fund that tracks the long duration US treasury Bonds. 286 more words


Overnight Repo Under LAF

In the last Monetary Policy Statement, RBI did not revise the interest rates that it charges to banks for borrowing from it. Instead, it reduced the amount of borrowing available under overnight facility (where the rates are lower) and increased the amount of borrowing available under medium term  - 7 days and 14 days - facilities (where the rates are higher). 55 more words

The Impact of 1% on Your Mortgage Rate - Infographic

Ever wonder how important interest rates are on your home mortgage?  Here is a quick infographic by Zillow that talks about this very question.


Freddie Mac: Mortgage Rates Fall to 4.27 Percent

Average fixed mortgage rates declined for the second straight week, bringing them to a six-week low—and easing affordability conditions slightly as the homebuying season gets under way. 223 more words

​World’s Central Banks ‘are gambling immense amounts of money’

The banking system is completely dysfunctional, and it is going to lose legitimacy as we are nowhere near the solution of the too-big-to-fail problem, Robert Pringle, chairman and founder of the Central Banking Journal, told RT.It was never supposed to force the Central Banks to gamble on such an enormous scale as is happening today, Pringle, author of the Money Trap said on RT America’s show Boom Bust. 9 more words


Economic News that may impact Mortgage Rates

Last week stocks posted large losses which lowered rate, this week the reverse happen.  Rates we increased while stocks went down!

The Week ahead:

Tues 4/22 Existing Home Sales/ 2-yr Auction… 11 more words

Mortgage Market Update