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Why Rates Change - A lesson on why mortgage rates change

Why Rates Change

Although this post is not specifically related to the Renovation Loan process – It is still a very good subject on educating you all on the WHY behind interest rates. 692 more words

Interest Rates and their effect on small Businesses..

We’ve established quite early on in this course that small businesses often need to rely on Bank Loans and Overdrafts to help them stay ‘afloat’ or develop. 101 more words

The Smith Manoeuvre. How to make your Mortgage Interest Tax Deductible

No, it isn’t a new pop band or the latest move in professional wrestling. Home owners in Canada do not enjoy the same mortgage interest deduction that is available in the US. 311 more words

Interest Rates

Sweden turns its economy Japanese

Three years ago Sweden was widely regarded as a role model in how to deal with a global crisis. The nation’s exports were hit hard by slumping world trade but snapped back; its well-regulated banks rode out the financial storm; its strong social insurance programs supported consumer demand; and unlike much of Europe, it still had its own currency, giving it much-needed flexibility.

395 more words

So You Want to Buy a New Home, But Can You Afford It?

By @AlanJasperson

Last week we wrote about a recent survey and the discussion around buying a home as either a lifestyle choice, an investment, or as a more straightforward choice around how you spend your lodging budget. 750 more words

Housing Prices

Newsletter 4/22

QUOTE OF THE WEEK… “Appearances are often deceiving.” –Aesop, Ancient Greek storyteller

INFO THAT HITS US WHERE WE LIVE… To some pundits and the mainstream media, March Housing Starts appeared disappointing: up a tepid 2.8% for the month and down 5.9% versus a year ago. 838 more words

Weekly Newsletter

Say What Now? Average Credit Card Interest Rate Up To 21%

Credit card companies know there’s no free lunch, but they’re letting more customers get a taste as an enticement by gouging their existing card members. 383 more words

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