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20/20 Audition

So you know what 20/20 vision is, it’s when you have perfect vision. But what is the equivalent for your ears? Well I think it should be called 20/20 audition; let me explain why… 343 more words

Ben Southgate
  • 15 boxers you need to know-

Joe Louis: 1914-1981, Heavyweight, 27 wins- 1 loss.

Louis held the world title for more than 10 years. 794 more words

How to Prepare for Machu Picchu: 10 day Itinerary

Making the Best of A 10-Day Trip 

Many of us  aren’t privileged enough to have vacation time in order to travel the world. Even fewer of us have even the money to go… 422 more words


taste versus interest

Question for you; is it possible for a car park to be an attractive building?

I think my answer is most definitely a probable, possible, perhaps-leaning yes, sort of. 103 more words

ModCloth Newsletter Analysis

ModCloth’s e-mail newsletter is an external newsletter. External newsletters are aimed at nonmembers, such as customer, distributors, suppliers, and fans. I am a customer (and fan) who received the newsletter, so it is clear the e-mail is intended for external audiences. 490 more words

Oh, I'm into this

Okay, I’ve previously mentioned my love for Chinese characters and the Chinese language but I do have confession to make… this relationship was only recently conceived and seemed to appear out of the blue. 305 more words