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Pakistan Arrests Nine Month Baby On Murder Charge

Bizarre it night seem , it is true.

A Nine month old baby is being put on trial  for attempting to murder Police.

Read this crazy story from Pakistan. 160 more words

Interesting And Funny

TIMES NOW 'Arnab Goswami' At His Best

I receive good forwards from my son-in-law.

They are generally informative and some times really funny.

I could not resist sharing one here.

I do not want to mar it by my comments. 40 more words


1000 Children Prophet's Descendent?

Prophet Mohammed‘s descendent sired 1000 children, a new report indicates.

Any suspicion of adultery against Ismaïl was severely punished. The women were either strangled by the sultan himself, or their breasts were cut off, or their teeth torn out. 366 more words

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Sausage From Baby Poop

Hinduism, in its Sastras , says that  one should not look at while a woman is eating, sleeping and the Place where food is… 252 more words

Interesting And Funny