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Anglo-Saxon palace complexes

After the initial migration period of Angles and Saxons in the 5th and 6th centuries there was a shift from chieftainships and petty kingships with small territories to larger kingdoms (such as the kingdoms of Deira and Bernicia which themselves joined to make the larger Kingdom of… 1,376 more words


On the need for librarians to speak out...

“People are powerless precisely in proportion to their willingness to sit quietly and think positive thoughts. Librarians are powerless to the extent to which they silently read the memos saying that there are cuts coming, they are powerless to the extent that they hold read-ins at the library instead of sit-ins at the mayor’s office, they are powerless to the extent that they allow a mayor to make cuts and then allow that same individual to attend a gala at that same library. 97 more words

Interesting Articles

Space Image Keeps Loch Ness Myth Alive

In a weird, but probably inevitable and predictable use of satellite imagery, someone thinks a few satellite images “prove” the Loch Ness Monster is lurking below the lake’s waves.   230 more words

John Holst

Win A (Sky)box Full of Imagery

Do you have a need?  More specifically, do you have a need for European Space Imaging data using Skybox satellite imagery worth 20,000 Euros?  What about your mom?   296 more words

John Holst

NASA's Hovering Mighty Eagle

I’ve been interested in SpaceX’s Grasshopper and the ability to launch, hover, and land it on the same launch pad.  You can go to one of my posts, … 270 more words

John Holst

Computer Science Teachers Association testifies on California Bill

Yesterday the California Assembly Committee on Education unanimously passed Bill 1764. This bill would encourage districts to expand computer science courses in high schools and its passage at the critical committee level is the result of the hard work of many individuals. 361 more words

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