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Put The Physical In Education

A study suggests that exercise can help kids, especially those with A.D.H.D., focus in class.  Read more

Interesting Articles

Completely unrelated to Dry Cleaning, but still incredible...

We love interesting stories here at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners New Orleans, and this is very interesting! Click on the link for the full story.


New Orleans

We don't find computers, or do we?

No, computational archaeologists don’t dig computers out of the ground nor do they find them in ancient shipwrecks…oh wait… it seems that with the help of some super diving suits they actually do (it all depends on what you define as a computer). 84 more words

Computational Archaeology

Four New Space Companies Awarded NASA Contracts

Another Clearancejobs.com post of mine about NASA’s announcement last week of their awarding four “new space” companies a few contracts.  Just go there for the details:   6 more words

John Holst