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Poem street talk jim perkinson 12-8-14

street talk

jim perkinson 12-8-14

hands up!
like an aerobic exercise
over the graveyard of america

hands up!
knowing where the bones are

convening ezekiel plots of skeletal moans… 396 more words

Interesting Articles

BMJ Christmas issue 2014

Every year the British Medical Journal publishes a special Christmas issue with spoof and humorous articles, although the mainstream media sometimes fall for the joke. 97 more words


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Have you ever wondered how many Nintendo-related incidents occur every year? What about how deaths in children's films compare to deaths in movies with an older audience? The BMJ Christmas Issue is here to give tongue-in-cheek answers to those questions --- and many more. Medical Library News gives an overview below, and you can browse the issue here: http://www.bmj.com/thebmj

Intriguing Articles #1

Hey there! Sometimes I come across articles on the Internet that I think are really interesting and awesome. Here’s my list for this week:

Interesting Articles

Game Development...

Great blog about game development started by a graduate of my Computer Science program can be found here

Computer Science