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WSJ Article: 'The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming'

Read this fascinating article here.

Some lucid dreamers are able to control elements of their dreams once they realize they’re dreaming. They do what’s impossible or unlikely in real life, like fly or meet famous people…Others use the technique to solve problems, spur creativity, overcome nightmares or practice a physical skill

Wow, freaky!!

Interesting Articles

How to Be a More Coachable Swimmer

Another interesting article from the good guys over at SwimSwam. Check it out here.

Training Tips

An Interesting Thought on Success and Failure

An interesting article that can be used to ponder on while thinking ‘investment’.

Scott Adams’ Secret of Success: Failure

Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Have a great day!

Interesting Articles

Copenhagen Suborbitals HEAT-2X: Slight Setback

Rocket engines, especially new ones, sometimes just don’t do what they’re supposed to do.  Copenhagen Suborbitals tested their HEAT-2x rocket engine this last Saturday, but the engine failed the test.   263 more words

John Holst

Reading has nothing to do with intelligence. It’s just one way of getting information. The important thing is how a person processes that…

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