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Responding to Student Writing/Writers

In 1982, Nancy Sommers published the landmark, award-winning essay “Responding to Student Writing.” That essay has helped many teachers think more intentionally and act more skillfully when they respond to what students write. 1,031 more words


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Teaching and Learning in Higher Ed. highlights some of the best practices from Nancy Sommers' new book, Responding to Student Writers. One of the most helpful insights is the ability to recognize that our comments to students may be contradictory, misleading, or vague, and that the real purpose of offering feedback to students is to "teach one lesson at a time." "We should 'ask ourselves: What single lesson do I want to convey to students through comments? And how will I teach this lesson?'"

So Where Were the Spiders? NASA Might Be Using A Few

This Gearburn.com post has some interesting information about NASA’s $500,000 award to Tethers Unlimited, Inc. (TUI) and their ideas about how to construct objects in space using a robotic technology they’re calling “ 410 more words

John Holst

The History of Video Games...

Can you name the first video game? The first game likely was Tennis for Two in 1958 but it could be Space Wars! in 1962 or other games. 145 more words

Computer Science

10 Things from the INTERNET that changed me !

1. Taking Myers-Briggs Personality test.

Understanding ourselves is the first step in doing anything meaningful in life. Psychological Tests like Myers-Briggs Personality test gave me an idea about my strengths and weakness. 591 more words


Aneis de Vida - A visit with Sharyn Ann McNeil

Sharyn Ann McNeil radiates warmth, love and understanding.  A wonderful soul cased in a beautiful human form, an earth angel. She has deep compassion, having lost her son she definitely understands the pain a person can experience in this life. 94 more words


What is a Swim Team?

Check out this great article (http://coachrickswimming.wordpress.com/2014/10/11/what-is-a-swim-team/) over at Coach Rick Swimming. Being part of a team is monumentally important in swimming, despite being a largely individual sport but what exactly is a swim team?

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