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Deadly Bubbles of Plasma

Business Insider posted an interesting article last Friday about plasma bubbles and how they affect communications between satellites and devices on Earth.  The post suggests that ionospheric plasma bubbles seem to occur primarily around the Earth’s equator.   437 more words

John Holst

SpaceX: They're Not the First Ones to Try This

It seems I hear this refrain a lot in reference to SpaceX and its rocket reusability attempts, “They’re not the first ones to try this.”  It gets a little tiresome because it sounds like an informed opinion, but really isn’t.   428 more words

John Holst

Drusilla Modjeska

Perhaps I’m just being fashionably late, but I’ve just read Drusilla Modjeska’s 2013 Seymour Biography Lecture and it’s brilliant.

Modjeska ponders her “defection from that borderline ground between the biographical and the fictive, my journey through the check-points into the land of the novel.”  Her lecture takes us to the highlands of Papua New Guinea and into the art galleries of metropolitan Australia, exploring the limits of empathy when attempting to tell someone else’s story. 473 more words


Find that Airplane--FREE!!

Earlier this year, I wrote a little post about how Harris Corporation and Aireon were working together to make accurate global aircraft tracking a reality.  They’re doing this by placing GPS signal receivers and transmitters as an extra payload on board Iridium NEXT satellites.   446 more words

John Holst