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Are we revealing too much online? Does privacy matter?

It can be surprising to learn how little we know about how much others know.

I find one argument from this argument particularly intriguing, it deals with the difference between “people on the street judge your dress, hair, and car without getting your permission” and “Internet companies track users’ internet usage data without users permission (most of the time, users are not even aware of those companies’ actions)”. 139 more words


Just amazed by possibilities that technology can bring

Verizon recently announced a new type of eye-grabbing garment, a fabric will be designed based on tweets. It’s a real-time garment, online conversation will influence the pattern and color of the final product. 19 more words


Apple: In or out?

Whenever there is a new release from Apple, it hit headlines of all major media. Even though Apple always markets itself as the innovator and trendsetter, some of its practices are actually against the principle of Web 2.0 (For more information on what is Web 2.0, please see… 85 more words

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Like it or not, we are moving to the age of human/technology integration

Apple Watch (recently released) is just the start of a new era in which wearable technologies will change our lives (see video below, if you haven’t). 48 more words

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