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Indian Space Research Organization Some Interesting Facts

ISRO : Indian Space Research Organization has done what many would have thought was impossible for a developing countries like India.
Here are the most interesting facts about ISRO – The Pride of India – that we should know about : 612 more words

Interesting Facts

Removing Specks on Your Lens (Part 2)

I said in my Previous Post that I was removing a fly that landed on my lens in After Effects. Well, here is the Before and After video. 75 more words

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Want to retire early?

All you have to do is make 30% a year, for 20 years. Based on compounded interest, after twenty years your payoff is 190x your initial investment. 14 more words

Interesting Facts

The Canary Islands Were Not Named After Birds

The Spanish name Islas Canarias (Canary Islands) is derived from the Latin Canariae Insulae which translates to “Isle of Dogs”. The Romans sent an expedition to the islands in 40 BC under the command of King Juba II of Mauritania in Western Africa and upon arriving at the first island (which is now known as Gran Canaria) they discovered the land to be overrun by packs of large wild dogs. 203 more words

Interesting Facts

Did you know that Thursday is...

the day of the week when least likely a high or low is formed?

I analyzed the last 151 trend changes and the results are not what I was hoping for. 97 more words

Interesting Facts

Dual Monitors for Premiere Pro and After Effects

I just got a new computer at work and was able to plug in a second monitor (like most professional studios).

This then led me to figure out how to set up the second monitor as a preview display for video editing with Premiere Pro. 50 more words

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