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Quirky Facts!

It’s been a bit of weird week for me this week, and so I decided for Fact Friday I am going to post some quirky facts and weird facts that I hope you have never even thought of before =D… 132 more words

Fact Friday

Strike Out ALS

The “Ice Bucket Challenge,” a campaign to raise money to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease, has literally “soaked” the nation. About 30,000 Americans now have the disease, which attacks nerve cells and ultimately leads to total paralysis, though the mind remains sharp. 50 more words

Interesting Facts

Year without a Summer - Its effect on Art and Literature

Year 1816. is known as the Year without a Summer due to an eruption of a great Mount Tambora volcano in East India (today’s Indonesia). The volcano eruption which lasted from 5th to 15th April 1815. 938 more words


About Garlic

Garlic is a herb and has been used as a food and medicine for more than five thousand years. It is a close relative to onion, shallot, leek and chive. 187 more words


What is it like to sell your company to Google

Sam Schillace

2.6k upvotes by Jeff Harris (PM on Google Glass), Sandra Liu Huang (PM & PMM at Google, 2004-2007), Edmond Lau (Ex-Google Search Quality Engineer), … 251 more words

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Web And Mobile Revenue Models (final)


  • Display Ads – ex. Yahoo!

  • Search Ads – ex. Google

  • Text Ads – ex. Google

  • Video Ads – ex. Hulu

  • Audio Ads – ex. Pandora…
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What are some startups with really unique business models (and what are they)?

Kristoffer Tjalve, Experimentor

136 upvotes by Sander van den Broek, Rodrigo Tello, Petteri Torssonen, (more)


Super interesting question! I hope some people will point me to new & interesting startups with unique business models. 636 more words

Nice Article