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This deal just got sweeter

According to a new study in the journal Nutrition, subjects who ate about an ounce and a half of chocolate per day had a lower BMI, less body fat, and a trimmer waist, on average, than those who nibbled less. 34 more words

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(D-4) We Believe (with a song attached)

*dengan suara penyiar radio*

Gampang sekali untuk tergesa-gesa berjalan dan bekerja dan melakukan semuanya. Gampang sekali untuk hilang arah dan tujuan, lupa akan maksud perjalanan yang sesungguhnya. 321 more words

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Easter in Latin America

Semana Santa is a major holiday in Latin America, the region with the most Catholics in the world. This very important week is packed with daily celebrations, colourful processions, re-enactments of the dead and rebirth of Jesus Christ, and, among some of the more traditional Catholic, rituals of self-flagellation. 239 more words

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Did you know that the number of smokers in China is greater than…

It might come as a surprise, but it turns out China doesn’t get as much government revenue from crafts rather than from producing tobacco.

According to official reports, China is the one country in the world that tops the tobacco charts both in consuming and producing. 126 more words

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Did you know that this Japanese woman looks like a teen, but is actually a…

One of the most popular grandmothers in Japan is to be Kansai Bimajo, whose beauty has gone viral.
Kansai Bimajo might be just 42, but she certainly does not look it. 103 more words

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Did you know that Nintendo has banked so much money, that they could run a ….

Nintendo is a Japanese consumer electronics company known all over the world with its video games. In fact, Nintendo’s revenues make it the biggest video game company in the world. 121 more words

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Did you know that Aliens and tigers terrify Londoners at …

Just imagine you’re waiting for your bus on the New Street Oxford bus stop and you suddenly see a pedestrian getting abducted by a huge tentacle, or a flying spaceship just above the bus stop! 131 more words

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