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How to effectively burn fat by running?

Running is a great way to lose weight and inches but it’s important to understand the difference between “BURNING FAT” and “LOSING FAT”.

In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you’re taking in. 108 more words

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Did you know that the characters of Spongebob are based on the Seven Deadly Sins?
Mr. Krabs- Greed
Plankton- Envy
Sandy- Pride
Gary- Gluttony
Squidward- Wrath
Patrick- Sloth
Spongebob- Lust

Interesting Facts

Stay Away from Your Ears!

We all like to clean our ears, we like to feel clean. Ears may seem dirty at times, and full of ear wax which may seem disgusting… But the truth is, these ear wax inside the ears, its quite healthy and when removing it *with a Q-tip, you actually do more harm than good. 113 more words


One Weird Trick to Stay Asleep All Night

I am a person who has a really hard time getting a peaceful night of sleep. I recently found this new sleeping aid that I definitely want to try out! 13 more words

Interesting Facts

Do we believe anything we hear?

My biggest gripe at the moment in the UK is the booming property market, well I am not convinced the problem being is that all we here is prices are going up and back to the pre 2009 crisis prices. 139 more words


A Normal human being takes 12 hours to digest the eaten food.

-      This is because, to digest the eaten food firstly it mixed with saliva present in our mouth comes from salivary glands having the salivary amylase, which digest the starch in the food,  the digestion take part in two processes called chemical and mechanical digestion, in mechanical digestion the food is breakdown from large pieces into small pieces and in chemical digestion enzymes in our body break the small pieces of food into molecules that can used by our body.

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New Information regarding Invasive Phragmites

An individual plant can have rhizomes that exceed 30 m in length, grow more than 2 m/year and readily grow into new plants when fragmented. The plant mainly reproduces from rhizomes but can also spread by seed. 57 more words

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