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Stumbled Upon: Darth Valley Challenge

When I first read about this, I was laughing so hard because my friend Lilian came into my mind immediately. 

Darth Valley Challenge

It started in 2010 by veteran runner Jonathan Rice (commonly known as Jon Rice), whom is constantly looking for ways to have fun while running.  299 more words


"Looks like larvae...I can't do it."

We invited our child to try some Korean silkworms without telling him what they are and he said,

“Looks like larvae…I can’t do it. I can’t eat this. 47 more words


Inspired by Chickens in the Road by Suzanne McMinn

We are so inspired by Suzanne McMinn’s Chickens in the Road that we are planning to go to her West Virginia farm one of these days to take cheese making, cow milking classes from her.


Bison burgers

The menu says they’re all out of Veggie Burgers. And they mounted a vegan on the wall. I’m not going to tell my vegetarian friend about this place, but my guys said the bison was yum.