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Three key goals

I really want to inspire people to enter into the unknown and do it proudly!!! I’m not talking about doing something crazy like drugs or binge drinking!!! 148 more words

My Story

42 Historical People, No. 9: Maddalena Tocco, wife of the last Byzantine Emperor.

Maddalena Tocco holds a place in history much more because of who she married rather than her own accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean she’s not worth remembering. 521 more words


Don't be afraid to be a shadow

Linda Shin РOntario Provincial Mountain Biking Champion
Twitter: @ShindaLin

I’ve never been afraid to be a shadow – a copycat – watching, listening, picking up skills to make me better.

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42 Historical People, No. 8: Sibylla, the Queen of Jerusalem.

Nowadays we tend to think of the Crusades as a series of wars–invasions, really–by Western Europeans into the Islamic world, aimed at possessing the holy city of Jerusalem. 617 more words


QI : If you are curious you are interesting

QI, which stands for ‘Quite Interesting’, is a BBC panel knowledge game show like no other. I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoy finishing off the day with any past episode of the 10 seasons that this abnormal quiz has completed so far. 318 more words

Interesting People

**What Makes You Interesting? Or Better Yet, Are YOU Interesting?**

Is being interesting in the eye of the beholder? Are some people just naturally more interesting than others? What makes a person interesting? Is being “different” the same as being “interesting”? 297 more words

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A Room that has Shaped Views

Changing to a lighter note than the posts from the last couple of days I have found the perfect combination of filters to render a certain… 192 more words