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Her Name is Heather, Part 1: Overcoming a Harsh Reality That is Life

“Her Name is Heather”

Part 1: Overcoming a Harsh Reality That is Life

Heather Darby Breaux was born in Loreauville, Louisiana, in 1984. Heather was born into a family that consisted of two drug addicts, and herself (as a helpless baby). 614 more words


Ruminations from the medical classes

My friend and I are attending a five-week mini-medical class at our local hospital along with about 200 other people.


I enjoy it and it is very informational. 709 more words


7 Things the Most Interesting People All Have in Common

I’ve posted a lot of research from experts on getting people to like you, being influential and having great conversations.

What’s the best way to use all this information to be more interesting? 986 more words

Sometimes you just meet someone who is so extremely interesting that you desperately want to know them…really know them.

He’s like that. He’s just a normal teenager, but he acts so utterly frivolous and foolish that you can’t believe that that’s  all there is to him. 127 more words

Reading List

I try to take my eyes of a computer screen every once in a while and spend time reading from pages instead. There is such a lot of content online about the Collaborative Economy or Online Communities that facilitates collaboration, and it can be hard not to get addicted to the quick-read nature of Flipboard, online news sites or Twitter. 248 more words


Anthony's Pizza

Big shout out to the guys at the shop downtown. Thanks for always being there when I want to grab a room temp slice of cheese to go. 13 more words

Things I Do :)

Life's Been Good to Me So Far

Heard Joe Walsh’s Life’s Been Good today. . . made me smile.

Overall, life’s been pretty good to me. I was fortunate enough to have 2 parents who gave a damn, who cared what I did, who cared where I went and with whom. 154 more words

Interaction With Others