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Biscuiteer biscuits in the post

A tin of Biscuiteers biscuits arrived recently – belated birthday biscuits from the UK from my wonderful friends Sarah, Paul and Olivia Ryan.

The Biscuiteers… 514 more words

A Lovely Birthday

High Tea in West Footscray

This post has been delayed because I am still catching up from my technical difficulties a few weeks ago… there’s still a few to follow in a non-linear fashion. 614 more words

A Lovely Birthday

42 Historical People, No. 3: Thuya, Egyptian noblewoman.

The still-regal mummified head of a woman who lived over 3,300 years ago attests to the beauty and poise she must have had in life. Her name was Thuya (also transliterated as “Tjuyu”), and she was a noblewoman of the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt. 399 more words


Hey! You, in the diaper shorts

This is why I love my friend Natt. Moments like this: “So, I am all for people wearing what they want, but seriously….those shorts that look like diapers have to go. 45 more words

Interesting People

Tales From the B & B - The Law of Attraction

More and more lately, I think about how lucky we are to be here, Jimmy Oliver and I, doing what we’re doing.

How did this B & B thing happen, anyway? 646 more words

People Fascinate Me

I’ve been taking a little more notice to the world around me lately. People, society, money, fashion, sex, loneliness, health, jobs, age, addiction, decisions, happiness, everything. 466 more words

42 Historical People, No. 2: Ötzi, the "Iceman" of the Alps.

This partially mummified man goes by a number of nicknames–for we have no idea what his real name was–but the most common is “Ötzi.” He’s the “Iceman” of the Alps, a frozen corpse discovered high in the Ötzal Alps on the border of Italy and Austria. 583 more words