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Beauty is a matter of opinion

What makes something beautiful?

Should it contain a certain shade of color or a well accepted feature?

Be a piece of music that flows like leaves in the breeze? 452 more words

Interesting Stories

The Great Corn Giveaway

By Amy Dingmann

The first year on a farm is full of learning experiences. Our most recent had to do with corn.

We planted our first tiny cornfield this year, by hand, in the sweltering heat of summer. 313 more words

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A determined Nachiketas...

Ankur picks up a twig and places it on the branch of a tree.  There is a breeze and the twig falls down.  He and his friend Kala, the crow were trying to place the twigs on top of the tree to make a nest. 1,113 more words


The Purpose of A Horse

By Amy Dingmann

Recently my husband confessed he wanted a horse.

“I’ve always wanted a horse,” he said.

We’ve been married almost 12 years, and this was certainly news to me. 220 more words

Interesting Reads

Why Kids Need History

By Amy Dingmann

I am blessed with children who really like history, and they are happy to attend things like Pioneer Days or Threshing Shows with me. 202 more words

Interesting Reads

[Story」 The Power of Berryz工房 and ℃-ute

So, let me tell you a little story.

I was in Japan this summer for approximately 2 months and I do not know what store I was in but a song was playing through the speakers that I did not really notice… until I left the store. 649 more words

Japanese Music

Rural Helpfulness

You see all manner of things on the road in rural America, like turkeys being taken to the slaughterhouse…

…and farm equipment between this farm and that one: 768 more words

Full-time RVing