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Starting a business...fun, but not that easy

This past July I have been in the process of trying to establish my first company. It’s called ‘Anytime DVD and Photo’ and specializes in creating quality presentation videos and photography for events that people are having. 1,014 more words

World Culture

Movie production Training

It’s our pleasure to anounce to the general public that success computer institute now offer provisional admission to candidates who are interested in learning movie production from beginner to expert, and those who already can use the program but will still want to have a deeper understanding on the program can obtained their form in success computer institute at obudu or contact 09091900779 for more info. 22 more words

Back to Alaska?!?!?

Back to Alaska??

with our newest Jeep in tow, off we went. But where? You’d think with these stunning, snow-capped mountains we were back in Alaska: 108 more words

Full-time RVing

Jeep Willikers!

Long-time readers know we avoid cities at all costs, although the occasional small city is a welcome destination for all those things so hard to find in other places. 539 more words

Full-time RVing

School Clothes


MORBEGNO, ITALY. Students at high school near Milan were coming to class in old blue jeans with holes in the knees. Some of them had wild pink hair and nose rings. 221 more words

Interesting Stories

The Guru-Sishya Story

Ankur: “Hi Rishi. I understand that you have been looking for me”.

Rishi :  “Hi Ankur. What are you doing on 12th July?”

Ankur :  “I am not doing anything specific.  840 more words


Smart Guard


VLADIMIR, RUSSIA. Sergey Sokolov is a guard in a small town in western Russia. In the winter, he takes care of a group of summer homes that are empty for several months. 318 more words

Interesting Stories