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Ride Your Own Beef

‘Ride your own beef.’ is a term you will hear a lot in the criminal underworld. It basically is the same as ‘Stop snitching’, what ‘Ride you own beef’ implies is that if we are doing something wrong (it doesn’t have to be committing crimes) it could be as simple as taking a longer lunch break than we should. 128 more words


Life quotes 1 to 50

  1. ‘A zebra can never change its stripes.’ Unknown
  2. ‘When part of you wants to do something and part of you does not, alcohol will make you do that something’ Roy F.
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Motivational Quotes

Unconditional Love of Man's Best friend

There aren’t many words to describe this video other than the fact that tissues will be needed as you watch this heartwrming video. It will touch your soul.


The Dangers of Interesting Clothes

Models can be regarded as some sort of social enigma to be hated and admired at the same time. Despite the age-old debate of their necessity in a civilised society, their greatest use is undoubtedly the selling of clothing. 672 more words



UKRAINE, Slavyansk : Children attend on September 1, 2014 a ceremony marking their first day of school in Slavyansk. The Ukrainian government has been restoring infrastructure and buildings destroyed by fighting in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slavyansk in the Donetsk region after pro-Russian rebels left the city in July. AFP PHOTO/ANATOLII STEPANOVAFP


Be top-of-mind in your community

Innovative advertising will get you noticed and talked about and into the local paper; here are some suggestions.

1. Talk to local retailers and create a loyalty card which people can get stamped at their local retailer for a change to win a Christmas Hamper… or, think big and make it a flat screen TV or motor car! 77 more words

Industry Issues

No filter #california #sunset (at San Jose, California)