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Not an Ordinary Grape

I found a hermaphroditic grape tonight at dinner. This is a good example of why I avoid group settings. How am I supposed to keep a gem like this to myself? 52 more words

More Than A Welcome

Well hello. This is José, or Buffalocheeks, writing to let you know that I have finally set up a blog. I’m just a college student that writes things about sports, school, comedy, peanut butter, sandwiches, and some interesting or awkward experiences that I’ve been a part of. 181 more words


Climate Change; Why should I care? I love the beach!

Before the summer of 2010:

  “Russia is a northern country and if temperatures get warmer, it’s not that bad. We could spend less on warm coats”  602 more words

WCFC Submission

I’m happy to say that despite all the complications, the busyness, I’m wrapping up my first submission for Write Club Fight Club.   It’s not as perfect as I would like, but that is a topic all it’s own and probably familiar to most writers.   164 more words


Inspiration: Dancing Traffic Light

“How can we make cities safer places?”

Smart have installed a range of urban pedestrian traffic lights to occupy pedestrians while waiting to cross.

“The ‘dancing traffic light’ puts a spin on the traditional, illuminated red person used to indicate vehicular safety, by asking everyday participants to contribute to the figures fluidly, free-style moves. 48 more words