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My Poettic Eye, Soliders Eyes...

Soldiers Eyes.

In honour of all those who give their lives for our freedom. A short poetic film


Tonight! CGI Vs Real Effects

Yesterday, in the realm of Facebook-land, I came across an image posted by the Stan Winston School of Character Arts’ page. The image prompted me to repost it and give my thoughts on CGI. 1,462 more words

The Game Warden

A St. Louis mother telephoned the capital building over in Jefferson City and asked to speak to the game warden. After being switched from office to office, a voice finally said, ‘Hello.’ ‘Are you the game warden?’ she asked. 21 more words

Clean Jokes

Will Lacrosse Ever Go Mainstream?

I was researching some information on lacrosse and I happened across this article from The Atlantic. It perfectly sums up what I wanted to say when introducing the sport–pretty convenient, right? 92 more words


Bibliophile Defined

Someone will ask me to describe myself and the first thing I tell them is I’m a bibliophile.

“What’s a bibliophile?” is what they ask 99% of the time. 281 more words


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I really enjoyed this post by my brother. For his first one, it's really original. It's not your average introduction post, which makes it more interesting. At the same time, you're learning something about my brother and it sort of leads into what part of his blog will be about. Most of all though, I like that he took the post and taught a term that people might not be too familiar with. So go and check out my brother's blog and maybe follow it. I can tell he's going to have some good and interesting posts. sly