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I like to think I’ve been around a bit on the Internet, remembering my first exposure to web pages via IBM Web Explorer on OS/2 (don’t ask), following gopher information links, logging in to sites via command line FTP and I still remember my amazement when I first saw an ad on TV that included a URL, wondering how many people watching would actually know what to do with it. 390 more words


World's Longest Snake Has Virgin Birth—First Recorded in Species

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An 11-year-old reticulated python produced six babies without mating in 2012.

An 11-year-old reticulated python named Thelma produced six female offspring in June 2012 at the  459 more words


Friday Fun Word- Xanthic

It’s Friday again and I can think of no better way to celebrate than a Friday Fun word. This week’s word is xanthic. I heard this word in my English class and have been enthralled with it since. 117 more words


Smiles of a Summer Night review

Toni and I watched this movie last night and were very happy we did.  While story is complex, the direction, camera and lighting were magnificent.  It’s easy to see how this film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes.  16 more words


These Men Ask For Food But Are Turned Away By Almost Everyone

What comes around goes around. The homeless man who was shown kindness towards the end of the video, showed kindness to another who he thought was in need of help. 12 more words


Killer Whales are so Smart They can Learn to Speak "Dolphin"

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Killer whales are smart; that we know. Here’s a thing that might tip them into “scary smart” territory: they can learn the language of another species. 306 more words


Time-Lapse, Idea 2.

After completing my rome time lapse i really want to start filming my final one. I am really disappointed i wasn’t able to take a tripod as i think that would of worked really well, but i now have a better idea of how important the tripod is , how long i need to film for and what looks good speeded up. 126 more words

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