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INTERESTING: Value Is Based on Your Reputation


A New Digital Currency Whose Value Is Based on Your Reputation
BY KLINT FINLEY   07.18.14  |   6:30 AM  

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Unlike with bitcoin—which keeps its currency scarce by rewarding it only to those who participate in what amounts to a race to solve complex cryptographic puzzles—anyone will be able to create a new Document Coin anytime they want. 103 more words



Sleep does not find me tonight. I lay awake picking at the things I haven’t done in life. The way I wanted things to go. So many overlooked adventures that had the ability to change my life. 164 more words


Virgil is awoken by a soft voice. “Wake up, boy. You must wake up and prepare.” He opens his eyes to see a pale faced woman standing over him. 168 more words



Fear is a frightfully fascinating emotion that can manifest within a person both physically and mentally. Fear can be your motor of motivation, or it can be the origin of disease and disability. 130 more words

Weird And Wonderful

The coolest thing I've ever seen

I had another post I was working on but this was just too cool to put off.  Seriously, probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  It might not be all that big of a deal to anyone else, but it’s definitely high on my list. 458 more words


Holiday aboard a space hotel by 2020?

What it will be like to stay on board a space hotel

The first space hotel may be opened as soon as 2020. But before you get excited, here’s a little warning about what an out-of this-world vacation may actually be like. 97 more words


Good Read : "Are you a Carrot an Egg or a Coffee Bean?"

During my “creeping” through Facebook I came across this great inspirational story. I enjoyed it and it cause me to take a moment and reflect. It is good to reflect and improve one’s live. 675 more words