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Seeing how things move forward, not halting or not even slowing down

I sense each page beng written on each day since almost 5 months ago… 185 more words


~We Need Change ~


Nothing changes if nothing changes.
I’m not sure if I can express what’s in my heart. All I know is that it feels like broken glass and it ripping me a-part. 274 more words


P3 Topic Brainstorming

So, here are some topic that I have an interest in exploring their effects on the topics mentioned in the P3 packet

  1. Tumblr posts (People say what they think about many of society’s troubles on this site)
  2. 27 more words

The 6 stages of baking

Ever feel like when you decide to bake something you go through a varying degree of stages and emotions? I always seem to end up with mess everywhere by the time I’ve finished, about 15 bowls I didn’t even realise I own to wash up, and normally cake batter stuck to my clothes despite wearing an apron. 346 more words



Yeah, I’m  not sure this Blogging 201 thing is for me.  Now they’re suggesting linking back to archived posts, creating a “best of” page.  What? It’s like asking me to choose my favourite thoughts, as this blog is basically a diary.  436 more words


Halloween Horror List

Since we’re getting pretty close to Halloween, I’m going to name off a few horror movie suggestions for you to watch over the next week and if you have any questions about any, feel free to comment. 74 more words