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Joan Larsen's Travel: Ghostly Remains - Drama On The Ice

By Joan Larsen

Each time I return to Antarctica, it is, of course, an ever changing panorama of breathtaking beauty – always, always with unexpected encounters with animals and nature that seem to touch my heart. 877 more words


Is hunting a hobby?

I’m a pretty busy person, as I’ve stated before, and there are other things that I like to do to occupy my free time besides just reading. 564 more words


'Green' Events

It’s Earth Day!! Today there have been many posts all over the internet about cleaner living, wildlife/environmental protection, and even the simplest message, “Don’t Litter”. 818 more words


Mirrored Passion Creates International Bonds 共同兴趣创建国际合作

Jessie and Lin are two passionate young ladies who are both intrigued by each other’s cultures and intended to set-up businesses between our countries. After our brief meeting in college, we found we have so many interests in common. 1,038 more words

Delighting in My Child’s Interest: Trucks!

My son loves cars, trucks and all things that go.  I know a lot of Moms might say that…but in our house that is the main toy of interest at all times. 229 more words