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Some weeks ago, I was at a music festival in Lower Austria. As everywhere in life, there are some good and bad things, which I want to share here ;) 266 more words


Joan Larsen's Travel: Get Lost in Iceland

By Joan Larsen

So close yet so remote. So magnificent that it beats out all comers on our planet. Until now, it has been my own secret hideaway on this earth – Iceland, the magnificent. 425 more words


Why I Chose Vietnam

Number 1. I am a fan of the musical Miss Saigon.

Number 2. Pho

Number 3. I want to see Ha Long Bay…with condescending thoughts like El Nido/Coron is better. 861 more words


Jango loving

there are many things I love.  music comes very close to the top- and good sound.  good  music is much easier to find than good sound- I’m awaiting the day when I have money to buy the sound i love.   91 more words
Music Nirvana

Nikola Tesla gets some attention

i have had fleeting interest in Nikola Tesla over the last five years, not totally sure why. Most recently I have thought of him because of one of my favourite shows- Warehouse 13- if you like scifi, and can get past some not so great moments- it is a good show- have enjoyed it a lot, especially the second season.  461 more words

Five Ways Volunteering Can Advance Your Career

#1 Networking, networking, networking!

You’ve heard it before, but let’s say it again:  sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know.  It’s a well-known fact that networking is key to advancing your career, and volunteering is a great way to widen your network.   490 more words