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Group Project 5: Paper Prototyping

In this group project, you will do your first implementation of your group project, which will be a paper prototype. Your paper prototype should be able to handle at least 3 of your Concrete Use Cases. 728 more words


The Importance of the Learner Interface

More than just a pretty face…

Our company motto is, “Make software that feels right”. A simple and somewhat vague message perhaps, but it has served us well, based on the feedback we consistently get from clients, potential clients, and industry pundits. 1,084 more words


Interface Design: How We Depict Texting and the Internet in Film

As technologies change, the way we interact with the scholarly literature and the types of information conveyed continue to evolve. Interface design (#33 on this list… 71 more words


Unit 4 Reading Response

The website need to grasp the attention and interest of the user in a glance of an eye. The functions to get the bang feeling are many and known to the eyes of the designer. 144 more words


Unit 3 Unit Response

Finding what a user is looking for in a website is like a consumer trying to find whatever in a mall. If the mall has bad signage, the consumer will get lost at the mall and be frustrated in the quest of finding the product that he/she is looking for. 201 more words


A Journey from Paper Wireframes to High Fidelity Prototype

So this here is a test assignment for a company that sells e-commerce platform. The company was seeking to introduce improvements into the workflow of adding a new product to the store. 460 more words