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flibaty giberts!

for some reason the wordpress interface confounds me. arg! any suggestions? :) ty

okay…wow…got back to a screen to be able to edit. there is hope yet.


SleekCode: improve the look of the Lock screen passcode interface

SleekCode is a brand new jailbreak tweak that just recently touched down on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. SleekCode allows you to change up the look of the passcode screen. 228 more words

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Human Spaces or Biophilia's transition from hypothesis to imperative

It’s not common for the FM industry to worry about sensitive, immeasurable phenomena affecting workplaces, so I was pleasantly surprised to read this excellent review published by FM-World… 174 more words


How to take mobile gestures to the next level: use pitch, yaw and "the claw"

Poking at a screen with your fingers, swiping and multitouch finger movements have become a common way to interact with our screens. But even though devices like smartphones have an enormous amount of computing power, we do so much less on them because we are faced with such limited options thanks to our touch options today. 133 more words

compilation error at line 14 i.e class, interface, or enum expected; please help me

import package1.classA; 

class PackageTest


public static void main(String args[ ])

classA objectA = new classA ( );
objectA.displayA( );



package package1; public class classA


public void displayA( )

System.out.println("Class A");

… 12 more words

9 real technologies that soon will be part of you

Technology will move from existing outside our bodies to residing inside us.

That’s the next big frontier.

Here are nine signs that implantable tech is here now, growing rapidly, and that it will be part of your life (and your body) in the near future. 1,047 more words


A Voice from the Younger Generation about our Future

After the lecture on human interaction and technology, it instantly reminded me of my 12-year-old brother, Jacky who is constantly attached to his computer screen at home. 451 more words