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April 23: The importance of interfaces: a study with LMSO thin films

Valencia et al., Intrinsic antiferromagnetic/insulating phase at manganite surfaces and interfaces. Journal of Physical and Condensed Matter, 2014; 26 (16).

A lot of times people are concerned about the contents or structure of something, but oftentimes it’s the interface that really matters. 287 more words

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Too many cooks spoil the broth

Pure rant ahead.

I wasted ages this morning trying getting rid of the automated text fill in the Google user accounts log in box. I accept that there are greater problems in the world, but this one was more irritating at the time. 1,120 more words


Thinking towards a feature freeze (Even raw USB-HID is ready, but hence not visible), so what do you want to have frozen?

It is time  to go work towards a feature freeze and work towards version 0.1 for the server as for the client. But as with every feature freeze announcement there should also be a list of features you can expect when frozen. 845 more words


High Technology and Taco Bell

According to the TechAmerica Foundation[1], there are approximately 6 million adults in the United States employed by firms classified as “high technology” companies. This is slightly more than the number of people who visit Taco Bell on a daily basis. 237 more words


The future of biometric identification and authentication

If you work in IT security, the first part of this will not be news to you, skip to the section on the future. Otherwise, the first sections look at the current state of biometrics and some of what we already know about their security limitations. 2,593 more words



TUTORS:           Neil Leach, Karim Soliman, Alexander Kalachev

STUDENTS :    Maria Jose Rubira, Leonard Balas, Djordje Stanojevic

One of the areas of rapid growth within architectural discourse in recent… 384 more words


#1,069 - Contravariance and Generic Interfaces

Generic interfaces in C# are contravariant, provided that their type parameters are constrained with the in keyword.  A contravariant generic interface allows an assignment from a constructed version of the interface on a base class to a constructed version of the interface for a derived class. 190 more words