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Open Letter to a Hindu

Sometimes we say things to edify one audience that inadvertently hurt another.

Such was the case for me last week. Noticing an unusual number of visitors to my blog coming from an unfamiliar site, I decided to track down the source.

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Differences Hit Home

What happens when your own child challenges you in ways you don’t expect? What happens when you are passionate about your faith, but your own son sees things differently? 186 more words

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Contradicting Gandhi

October 2,2014

Today is Gandhi’s birthday and today, I contradicted Gandhi. Sort of.

Someone posted the quote ” An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” which is attributed to Gandhi. 625 more words

Living Out a Motto

On October 2, Mary Palmberg, retired long-time director of the Free Lunch Program in Iowa City, shares how she and others live out the program’s guiding principle, “An open door, a full plate, no questions asked,” especially when encountering differences.  44 more words

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Peace Begins with Each One of Us

In a world where conflicts and violence over our differences makes the headlines everyday, the key to peace may lie right in our own homes and communities. 178 more words

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On Religion

My opinions about religions offend everyone.  Well, I’m exaggerating.  Let me be more specific: my opinions about the relationship between different religious traditions tend to unsettle the majority of people, both religious and nonreligious, that I chat with. 555 more words