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The Dwell Project

The Dwell Project is managed by Roxy and Eddie, who spoke at our ‘Reclaiming the F Word’ conference in March this year. Its vision ‘ 501 more words

Jesus, Buddha, and Traffic Jams

“In the desert prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.” (Isaiah 40:3)

I am currently studying part of the Buddhist scriptures known as the Dhammapada, with a group of friends.

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Complaint Filed Over Presbyterian Church USA’s Hezbollah Links

By Ryan Mauro:

Islamist interfaith engagement with American Christians has received significant attention in recent months. Now, an Israeli legal organization has filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service over the Presbyterian Church USA’s meetings with Hezbollah members. 182 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Muslim Denial: मुसलमानों की नकारात्मक मानसिकता: खुद साख्ता खलीफा बगदादी से निपटने के लिए उसे एक यहूदी और मोसाद का एजेंट माना जाए, बकौल मौलाना अबु-अल-ईरफ़ान फिरंगी महली, लेकिन क्या यह तर्ज़ फिक्र कारगर है?

सुल्तान शाहीन, एडिटर, न्यु एज इस्लाम

  23 अक्टूबर 2014

मुसलमान सच्चाई का समाना कब तक नहीं करेंगे: अपने आप को ‘खलीफा’ घोषित करने वाले बगदादी को जवाब देने का एक तरीका यह भी है कि उसे यहूदी और मोसाद का एजेंट कहा जाए।


Interfaith dialog: understanding around the table and the world

(a thoughtful opinion piece reflecting the practice of inter-faith dialogue in a New Jersey community)

By Larry Snider

Last Sunday was a good day. That’s the day I drove my family to the West Trenton Firehouse ballroom to attend the celebratory dinner of Eid Ul Adha and pre-Thanksgiving offered by the Muslim Community of Greater Trenton and Yardley, Pa. 119 more words

American Muslims