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When An Evangelical Christian Makes a Jewish Poet Pump Iron: Everyday Magic, Day 809

For the last two years, I’ve met with Kevin almost every week at the gym so he could kick my ass. He was my trainer, pushing me to lift more weight than I thought my arms could support, do more repetitions of leg lifts or the dreaded split squats, and push the prowler (a heavy iron sled loaded with weights) further than my legs, back and arms knew was possible. 379 more words


Cork Christians Accept Muslim Invitation to Mark the Last Friday of Ramadan

Muslims in Cork, together with Muslims around the world have been observing the holy month of Ramadan where fasting from sunrise to sunset for the period is one of the five pillars of Islam. 206 more words


Christian Evangelism - Ministry to the Gullible?


In this piece I present some personal experiences and impressions of how Christians have tended to engage with me over the years. I argue that such engagement is usually fairly superficial, with Christians generally not seeming to be very well informed or having put much thought into their positions, nor are they very willing to seriously discuss difficult ideas. 1,887 more words

Interfaith Ramadan: Jewish and Christian Meets Muslim

One of the great joys of writing Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family has been the opportunity to develop relationships with interfaith activists who are Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, and more. 443 more words

Interfaith Identity

Tearing Down Walls to Build up Bridges

By Sara Obeid

Loose-fitting Mottos

I have often found it difficult to reconcile the seeming (yet ultimately superficial) contradiction between interfaith work and personal religious conviction. 1,122 more words

The Wrong and Right Kinds of Interreligious Dialogue

By Tim Muldoon

The wrong kind of dialogue among people of different faiths is the kind that works from the polite assumption that everyone has a little truth, rather like the blind mice exploring the elephant.  182 more words