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‘Minority Experience’ is Common Ground in Interbelief Dialogue

Beliefs are a difficult subject for people to bond over if they are coming from different belief systems. Where to begin? Never start with the divinity of Christ. 875 more words

Religion & Secularism

A Jewish Mom's Guide to Christmas - Part 1

Yes, I feel the need to write this in October. Halloween is still days away; it an entire month until Thanksgiving. And yet my mailbox has been filled with catalogues sparkling with Christmas cheer. 956 more words


An Interfaith Future: A Conversation with Eboo Patel & Ed Bacon

“To be religious in the 21st century is to be interreligious.” – Ed Bacon

Join us for a fantastic evening of conversation about our future that will almost certainly include multi-faith leadership. 152 more words

Ed Bacon

Madkhalis and their kings alliance with Shaytaan

The Fake Salafis in our time have allied themselves with the Tawagheet rulers, those who swore allegiance to the USA, UK, UN and NATO, who currently have declared a crusade and waging war against Islam and Muslims. 967 more words


A dummies guide to see how the Saudi does not judge with the sharee'ah

Do the Rulers today judge by the shariah?

Member of the united nations since 24-10-1945 http://www.saudimission.org

Saudi Arabia became a member of the UN on 24 November 1945. 1,214 more words