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Testing a convex aspherical mirror with a Null system

Last week I designed a Ritchey-Chretien type astrograph that employed a convex aspherical secondary mirror. Convex surfaces are difficult to measure during manufacture, asphericals even more so, so I will discuss a method to measure such a surface. 492 more words

Case Study

From Keck: "Scientists Accurately Quantify Dust Around Planets in Search for Life"

Keck Observatory

December 2, 2014
Bertrand Mennesson, PhD
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Steve Jefferson
Communications Officer
W. M. Keck Observatory… 1,348 more words

Basic Research

Sauron's singularity: Sucking in light but lighting up the universe

When heavier stars run out of hydrogen to fuse into helium, the fusion reactions that keep the stars from imploding due to their own gravity become more difficult (as they infeasibly fuse helium into heavier elements) and eventually stop happening. 945 more words

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