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Welcome To "The Interior Architecture Life"

This post is to help you understand my intentions for my blog.

Until the blog picks up further I will be posting each Sunday (hopefully without fail). 638 more words


Creating the right “Atmosphere” for our clients

In architecture and spatial design, Atmosphere refers to the sensorial qualities that a space emits. Atmosphere is an immediate form of physical perception, and is recognised through emotional sensibility.

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Design Consciousness

Moral Rights: How to build a culture of fair crediting online

I recently wrote a comment piece in Indesign magazine around the issue of Moral Rights. It was a discussion that considered just what our moral rights are, and where the onus lies when those rights are impinged upon. 462 more words

Interior Architecture

The globalisation of modern architecture: The impact' of politics, economics and social change on architecture and urban design since 1900

This week’s reading presents the question of how much impact politics, economics and social events since the 1900’s have an effect on architecture and urban design? 339 more words

The First Post (saying Hi)

So here it is, the beginning of my blog!

Feelings = excitement, anticipation and a little fear.

I can’t wait to get to that stage of blogging where I hear back from you readers with your thoughts and views. 1,040 more words


What is Interior Architecture?

If you’ve been in IARc for any amount of time, I am sure you’ve been asked, “What is interior architecture?” Sometimes it’s hard to give a clear answer, but hopefully after reading this you’ll have a better understanding. 510 more words


Product design & interior architecture.

Be honest, having worms in a bin in your kitchen sounds awful. You probably don’t want to see the bin where the worms are in, right? 249 more words