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Object Lessons: The Autumnal Broom

The broom, enemy of spiders and friend to witches, has been aiding household cleaning since the dawn of domestic history. Read more

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Sarah Sitar

Glamorous Pendant Lights from a French Designer

Moody and glamorous: We're coveting the entire lighting line from Parisian designer Philippe Daney (best of all, they're LEDs). Read more

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Sarah Sitar

The Lovely Bones: A Stripped-Down Bistro in Paris

Most macabre name ever for a restaurant? Bones, in Paris; but we're not deterred. It's where we're heading next time we're in the city (great food and “furiously sceney,” according to those in the know). 37 more words

Sarah Sitar

10 Favorites: Spooky Black Pianos

Far less glamorous than grand pianos, uprights are rarely the choice for making a design statement. But have a look at these 10 examples and you'll see that the humble vertical piano stands ready to make a strong and mysterious impression. 39 more words

Sarah Sitar

Steal This Look: A Versatile Holiday Table Arrangement

Holiday agnostic? Take a note from Desiree Groenendal of Vosges Paris, who designed a holiday table to carry you from October to December. Read more… 37 more words

Sarah Sitar

Remodeling 101: Shou Sugi Ban Torched Lumber

Repeat after us: shou sugi ban. Devised as a way to make wood less susceptible to fire and to keep away insects and rot, this longstanding Japanese method involves burning your building materials. 68 more words

Sarah Sitar