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how to: hanging vase.

First, I want to thank all of you who shared the post yesterday. Venturing into the real world with handmade goods is daunting. Especially when the ultimate goal is to one day be able to live off of my work. 179 more words



Relax by theposhpulp featuring typography wall art

How do you relax? For me the foundation of relaxing means being in a beautiful environment. I love to make my space clean and pretty… even at work. 137 more words


In Praise of Shadows Jun'ichiro Tanizaki

This book is an essay by the novelist Jun’ichiro Tanizaki¬†on Japanese aesthetics. It focuses on the differences between the western obsession with light and space, large windows and large open plan rooms, in comparison to Japanese aesthetics and the fondness for darkness and particularly shadows, something that is being dwindled with the introduction of modern technology.¬† 74 more words

Patchwork Wallpaper

Today I went to B&Q with my sister Joan. She was getting some wire mesh for an upcoming project I am doing for her and I wanted to get some wallpaper samples due to Grace’s nibbling. 440 more words