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Willie WAZE - Interlude

A little taste of the forthcoming album Da Lexicon of a NOVA Soulja from Willie WAZE.


... a little bit of me singing

Stay A While (Interlude) – Indigo Love ft. Darien Woods on Guitar

I free-styled this in like January when I fell for a dream; I woke up and this is what remained. Thanks for Listening.



Step 7: the simplicity of space

Presence is here right now. You are here right now. Meditation hands us this truth, and with training, we do not wander away from our self. 105 more words

Entry Level Meditations

Chapter 5 - A Post Preamble Ramble?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Shiiiit, this is a bit depressing. As well as a little bit miserable. But its not. Really. At the time it was, I mean, but time passes and now I look back and laugh at my immature naivety. 922 more words


Jelly Legs and Peanuts

This is an apology for taking such a long hiatus from blogging on this website. I still do blog and Those Rascals will still continue from… 3,056 more words


Step 7: the magic of space

The current moment not only has never existed before but it is pure space. Unto itself, this moment is an interlude: a potential, a womb that is not filled until we fill it with our thoughts, conceptions, shoulds, woulds, wishes, positivity or negativity. 109 more words

Entry Level Meditations