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End of Part 2

This concludes ‘The Future’, part 2 of Wylhil. Part 3 is called ‘Revelation’ (blaring cliche, I know) and the pieces will be posted slowly, as I’m now rewriting and filling in alot more. 32 more words


...A little more

Listen to this addictive post-ringtone snippet from PC music.

Yes, I know it sounds like those ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ remixes we secretly banged out in year 9. 28 more words


New: Kelela and Le1f have Incepted our daydreams...

Tapping on the Soundcolud icon is often a dubious endeavour, as I fear bad remixes may destroy whatever street cred my reposts have given me. I was delightfully surprised however, to encounter the collaboration that weed monologues are made of. 44 more words


August 11, 2014

fish floats through still sky
three elements synthesize
peaceful interlude

© Amanda Stemen – 2014

Interlude #4

After today there will be no more.  Writing soon.



Well I may be just a fool
But I know you’re just as cool
And cool kids
They belong together



Day 7: St. Louis / Interlude

miles: fuckin’ ZERO

I have done nothing today but flop in bed, dick around online, and swim around in the pool, and it is glorious… 371 more words

Interlude Three: Wrath of the Dragon Queen, Part 2

David enjoyed the cool air of the evening as it swirled around him and his wife.  His gaze was pointed up to the sky but he was only too aware of her next to him.  1,200 more words