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Video Interlude: Luckiest Students Ever Call This French Farmhouse Their Dorm

Friday, September 19, 2014, by Lily di Costanzo

Photo via Veranda
Infinitely nicer than the cinder block and linoleum affair most modern day college kids are forced to bunk in, and even grander than the golden dorms of yesteryear are the living accommodations for Savannah College of Art and…

jamie cullum

went to see Jamie Cullum at ronnie scotts last night – amazing energy and talent singing from his new album ‘interlude’.  you either love Jamie or not, but you can’t deny he has a warm charismatic presence – he may be more rock/pop than jazz, but then that sets him apart from the usual frank sinatra wannabes.   205 more words

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Day 35(?): Washington, DC / Like Pearls on a String

Man, it is easy to lose track of the days during these sedentary interludes.

Yesterday at least I finally broke free of the like one-square-mile inertia zone between this apartment, the grocery store and the bookstore shopping plaza.   278 more words


Three sets to go! Is the year really passing by that quickly???

36. Subject: What are you looking forward to?
37. First Line: He wanted her job, and it would be easy enough to discredit her… 58 more words


### Kromski Interlude Walnut

Kromski Interlude Walnut

Kromski Interlude Walnut. If you looking for Kromski Interlude Walnut. For more details of Kromski Interlude Walnut, please follow the link below. 63 more words

Day 32: Washington, DC

Oh no, I finally missed a day’s updates!  Sorry, y’all missed out on some undoubtedly truly riveting documentation of sleeping, lying around, playing with cats, sleeping some more, and whining about my legs. 72 more words

Kirra Beach Interlude

After locking up our luggage at Gold Coast airport, we had about 6 hours left to chill and decided to take a stroll to the nearest populated area: Kirra Beach. 514 more words