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Trust Being

As one learns the beginner steps in meditation, one must then learn to trust in them and trust in oneself. In other words, the practitioner must have the courage to leave things alone – to allow one’s practice to ripen, to provide the opportunity of time and non-tweaking for the benefit of a step or technique in meditation to actually bring forward what it will (if given the chance). 281 more words

Intermediate Meditations

Emanating into the World

This largely a silent meditation after the introduction focused on emanating Beingness into the world. The meditation makes clear the steps of The Practice that settle the body, feeling nature, and then the mind leading the practitioners to a state of bright focused awareness. 29 more words

Intermediate Meditations

Our inside creates our outside

The peace of the world can only be born from each person. Compassion in the world the same. The world is not at peace because the majority of human beings are not at peace within themselves. 292 more words

Entry Level Meditations

You are human Awareness.

You are needed, vitally so. Humanity is … suffering. The Intermediate level is staying with the Antahkarana meditations because of the fact of Oneness. Antahkarana refers to multiple qualities or capacities of Awareness-Being, but primary among them is relation or connection. 84 more words

Intermediate Meditations

Continuous: U & B the Antahkarana 5

We are dimensional beings. Antahkarana is the vibrational continuous nature of the dimensionality of Awareness-Being.

Awareness is this simple, as is Moment, Being, Presence (or Sanskrit or Tibetan words for the same). 72 more words

Intermediate Meditations

Continuum: Understanding and Building the Antahkarana 4

The nature of Awareness-Mind is clear, radiant, empty of fabrications or modifications, thus is non-interrupted – it is a continuum. Antahkarana is another word for the non-interrupted, continuum-continuity of Awareness-Mind. 225 more words

Intermediate Meditations

Understanding &.... Antahkarana: 5: A nirvanic experience?

Can we experience nirvana before achieving the supreme state of enlightenment? Yes, the qualities of a nirvanic state of meditation are completely possible – but only if we can hold a monadic-buddhic state of meditation and consciousness. 356 more words

Intermediate Meditations