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When It Counts--If Your Employees Are Confused, So Are Your Consumers

For better or worse, I enjoy a Starbucks Refreshers™ 12 oz. can of goodness almost every day. I gave up drinking diet soda on a daily basis more than a year ago. 545 more words

Customer Service

My dad doesn’t understand me! How comms pros broke line managers

Soon before he died in 2008, my dad and I were talking about how he’d loved watching us girls grow up into jobs we enjoyed and were doing well at. 553 more words

Too Busy to Listen? You Could be Courting Disaster

Today is the anniversary of the date the RMS Titanic hit that fateful iceberg, plunging into the freezing sea more than 2,000 people and spawning a chilling new meaning to the phrase “of titanic proportions.” While the life boat shortage is the obvious and oft-noted contributor to the ensuing loss of life, perhaps less recognized is the factor that could have prevented the disaster entirely: Effective communication. 322 more words

Internal Communications

Communication vs. Communications

Are you more focused on communication or on communications? That little “s” at the end of the word can make a lot of difference in how we approach our work and how others view our role. 171 more words


Annapolis Cup: Let The Games Begin!

Get ready for a day filled with seersucker, linen and a good ol’ fashioned rivalry. Tomorrow the United States Naval Academy midshipman take on the St. 184 more words


Vietnam Airlines’ IPO: Financial Communications in Action

As part of a move toward a more market-oriented economy, the Vietnamese government is in the process of privatizing a number of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Last week, … 432 more words


Creating the Best Workplace on Earth: Check List.

Suppose you want to design the best company on earth. What would it be like? HBR finds out that people will not follow a leader they feel is inauthentic. 395 more words

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