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10 Thanksgiving "Thanks" of Occupational Fraudsters

Happy Thanksgiving 2014.

While we enjoy family, football and food this Thanksgiving and give thanks for our blessings, don’t forget that occupational fraudsters are giving thanks too!  111 more words


Interesting legal theory

Let’s see.  Someone hacks into your email system because you have inadequate controls.  They post embarrassing emails online.  What can you do?  Urge newspapers not to publish?Have your lawyer send a threatening letter. 107 more words


"Why" matters.

“Ruling Puts Dent In Insider Probes,” Wall Street Journal, December 11, 2014 A1. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals reverses two insider trading convictions, on the grounds that the original tippers didn’t receive a benefit for their tips. 239 more words


Benford's Law

“Benford’s Law expects 30.1% of numbers in a list of financial transactions to begin with a ‘1.’”  Go figure.  I would have thought it would be 10%, were the sample large enough. 83 more words


Is what you get paid proprietary information?

One of the threads in the story of the recent Sony system hack is that the compensation of several senior executives was disclosed.

“Data Breach Sets Off Upheaval At Sony,” … 135 more words


The Network in Houston-FCPA Best Practices: Internal Controls & Compliance Risk Assessments

When it comes to FCPA compliance, ethics and compliance professionals face the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines’ 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program; the 13 Good Practices by the OECD on Internal Controls, Ethics, and Compliance; the UK’s 6 Principles for “Adequate Procedures”; the 9 Hallmarks of Effective Compliance Programs according to the DOJ’s FCPA Guidance… and the list goes on.   206 more words



Two articles on content controls.

When Is Free Speech Illegal?,” Wall Street Journal. November 24, 2014 B5. Can your posts on Facebook be legally actionable, and, if so, who can take action? 77 more words