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Vatican WORM

Makes sense. Put a digital copy of thousands of years of historical texts online, for free.

“Vatican to Digitize Historic Archives,” Wall Street Journal, April 12, 2014 A8… 28 more words


Intellitip: Downsizing and Streamlining - What are the risks?

A feeble economy, corporate downsizing and streamlining, increase pressures and decreased controls offer an explanation as to the relationship between the occurrence of fraud and; redundancy rate, the revelation to technology and an economic recession. 253 more words

Internal Controls Explained

What are internal controls?  Auditors widely use this term.  It also appears multiple times in engagement letters for audits of businesses and not-for-profits but I do not believe many outside of the accounting profession really know or understand what internal controls are.  371 more words

When we say material weaknesses in internal controls...

…we’re talking about this: http://www.cnbc.com/live-tv/the-profit/full-episode/planet-popcorn/42223683576.

For those wary of clicking strange links, this is an episode of CNBC’s reality show, The Profit. Basically it’s about a guy who buys stakes in businesses to turn them around. 72 more words

Monster Arts

Who made the rope?

Capital punishment is one of those hot-button issues where people have strong opinions. But assuming your state has it, and someone is going to be executed, does he or she have the right to know who made the rope that is going to be used to hang them? 133 more words


Exporting democracy

What do you do to disrupt a closed society? Cut off trade from the West? Put their buddies on the no-fly list?

“U.S. Set Up Twitter-Like Programs to Reach Cubans,” Wall Street Journal, April 4, 2014 A14… 35 more words