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Going Back, Giving Back: An Ethiopian Adoptee Runs For Ethiopian Orphans

My daughter Aselefech–an Ethiopian adoptee, part of the African diaspora, a mother herself–will be running a half-marathon in Ethiopia this August. And head’s up–she is doing so to give back to her country, by raising funds for an organization that is dedicated to family preservation, finding families in Ethiopia for Ethiopian orphans. 206 more words


Does "Adoption" Really Equal "Trauma"?


To some people, this is old news (“The Primal Wound” came out in 1993.) To some, it’s a startlingly new concept. I’d argue, though, that “adoption as trauma” exists on a spectrum, as does trauma itself:┬ásome people recover well and easily, some people are forever wounded, and most are somewhere between. 1,010 more words


Joyce Maguire Pavao Speaks Out Against CHIFF

Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao, the highly regarded, nationally- and internationally- known clinician, has written a thoughtful, insightful essay on the reasons she opposes the Children in Families First legislation (CHIFF). 867 more words


My Letter to Congressional Reps: Thank You for Not Co-sponsoring CHIFF

The fallout and division that is CHIFF did not have to happen. Tremendous common ground exists: who disagrees that children deserve safe, loving families?

Unfortunately, the folks who crafted CHIFF (Children in Families First, S. 1,308 more words


International Adoption’s Drastic Decline: Why US Government Policy is Significantly To Blame

Source: http://childreninfamiliesfirst.org/international-adoptions-drastic-decline-us-government-policy-significantly-blame/

By Diane Kunz

U.S. government policy is significantly to blame for the drastic decline in international adoption.  The US  government views international adoption as something to protect children from rather than a form of protection for children.  Let me explain. 1,503 more words

International Adoption

Research on Ethiopian Birth Families: A Must-Read

As an adoptive parent, I feel very strongly that the voices of birth parents need to be heard and listened to, in our own families as well as in adoption legislation and policy. 721 more words


Ethiopian Adoption Connection, and an Update on the First Families Project

Great news: a website is up and running that allows Ethiopian birth families and the adoptive families of Ethiopian children, and the adoptees themselves, to connect with each other. 589 more words