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Only 11 countries free from conflict

With the crisis in Gaza, the rise of Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria and the international stand-off ongoing in Ukraine, it can sometimes feel like the whole world is at war. 660 more words


Millennials: It's About Time We Care

I’m a 90’s-born millennial with an undergraduate diploma from an internationally recognized university. I’ve traveled to 22+ countries, currently living in Australia. I’ve spoken with people of all ages, nationalities and political beliefs. 941 more words

Professor KP

ISIS and the Islamic State: Driven to the Brink of Cooperation

As ISIS formally declares the existence of an Islamic Caliphate from Aleppo, Syria to Diyala, Iraq, there are many reasons to worry about the stability of the Middle East, the viability of democracy in religiously and ethnically divided countries like Iraq, and even the possibility of future jihadist attacks on the United States. 809 more words

International Conflict