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Parels: Not the jewel it could be

A Saturday night arranged by friends who had discovered a coupon for Parels (€25 for 3 courses)– found us eating in a busy restaurant situation along the Oude Groenmarkt. 243 more words

The grammar of cuisine

Here’s a post from Nina Porzucki.

You are what you eat, or so the saying goes. And much of what we eat — and how we eat it — is influenced by what linguist Dan Jurafsky calls the “grammar” of food. 857 more words

Here's a Pilaf for Meatless Monday

I had planned to make dinner at three in the afternoon, but you know what happened? I couldn’t for the life of me find the bay leaf! 745 more words


Bulgarian Pie; Turkish Baklava

We hosted a Bulgarian movie night this past weekend, which set me scrambling to learn something — anything — about Bulgarian desserts.

And, wow. I think perhaps the food truck of our dreams should be called “Circular Meals” rather than square. 121 more words

When in Bali... eat Italian, Spanish, or French

What you quickly learn about Seminyak, the tourist enclave on Bali’s west coast – apart from its crippling traffic congestion – is an obsession with eating well. 949 more words


Friends, food, shopping -- a great combination!

Here is how two friends and I became “The Three Foodies!”

I’ve been friends with Arceli, a native of the Philippines, for several years, as she is also my hair stylist at Mills Branch Salon and Spa, which she owns. 316 more words

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