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With the exception of the touristy areas around the beach or Las Ramblas, there are very few streets in Barcelona where the restaurants tout for your business. 497 more words

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Asma Khan

The Empress of Supper Clubs

I’m reluctant to start this post with a line from the musical ‘Oliver’, but it has to be said – food, glorious food is what Asma Khan does best, that and of course a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 228 more words



When it comes to easy and quick dessert I think of Tiramisu. Because it comes out in minutes and tastes great.


2 tablespoons of any kind of liqueur… 133 more words


The Ivy. Clinging on.

I have lived in London for 33 years and I have never, until now, been to The Ivy. So long has it been a part of the restaurant scene that I thought it had been there, in its present form, for decades, but (I was surprised to find) it has only been around in its current incarnation since 1989, courtesy of those masters of the slick and the smooth, Corbin and King.


restaurant review: teaneck sushi buffet

972 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ

The first time I came here when it recently opened, it wasn’t the greatest experience. However, since then, the owner really turned things around. 200 more words


Sweetly & water

Usual day in Serbia begins with teaspoon of “slatko” and glass of fresh water. This teaspoon, taken after waking up and morning routines can be replaced with honey, but slatko is somewhat on the higher price. 266 more words


restaurant review: mausam indian cuisine in montclair, nj

379 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, NJ

The first thing I noticed on their menu is that “v = vegan”! I love menus that clearly denote what’s vegan friendly versus just vegetarian friendly. 229 more words