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The Problem with Social Sciences in America: Summarized by a Frenchman

Academic economics is so focused on getting the econometrics and the statistical interpolation technique correct, he said, “you don’t really think, you don’t dare to ask the big questions.” American economists too often narrow the questions they examine to those they can answer, “but sometimes the questions are not that interesting,” he said. 86 more words

International Development

Service: Being Rarely Seen and Almost Never Heard

Recognition isn’t written into my work contracts. For that matter neither is service, but it’s always included. I like being rarely seen and almost never heard at work. 499 more words


Development: Western vs Eastern

I am studying development at the moment, and lucky to have studied communications to have them interlinked. As I study through development, I do come across literature which seems to suggest the ignorance on the part of western aid agencies while implementing their developmental projects. 458 more words

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The Case for Smallholder Farmers

In my “restructuring period”, I have the luxury of having time to read books. I just finished The Last Hunger Season by Roger Thurow, a fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. 567 more words

International Development

China’s struggle to access water

Think through the past twenty four hours; how much water did you use? Did you use water to cook and wash dishes; do the laundry? How about brushing your teeth?  1,104 more words


YIDA Intern Shares the Colors from Kenya

There is an almost indescribable appeal to being in Nairobi, Kenya. The trees are lush and verdant, birds with vibrant feathers and obnoxious calls abound, and brightly colored flowers are blooming in the half-dry, half-rainy season. 443 more words

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