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Studio Reading Exercise

For my studio today, I challenged the students to prepare a review of 11 international development-related reports and papers (listed below). The combination of these documents led to some interesting discussions about the purpose of development assistance (from public, non-governmental, and private entities) and the emerging trends that are occurring within the sector. 556 more words

Course Related

The Cold War is Over, Let's Stop Using the Term "Third World"

Whether in best-selling books or casual dinner conversations, we use the term “Third World” much more than we should. Today, the term is synonymous with poor countries, while the “First World” refers to more advanced economies. 306 more words


I applied for ICS on a whim at 8 o’clock the morning after breaking up with my boyfriend of 4 years. I was working in a Wetherspoons kitchen, starting at 6 am every day having finished my degree in photojournalism and deciding that was not what I wanted as a career. 1,061 more words


Lindsay Northover: New year, new home

For many of us, the New Year may mean resolutions vaguely made and probably never kept. They usually concern less than fundamental things. But for the people of Darfur, caught up in a now largely forgotten conflict, 2015 has so far meant trauma and hardship. 238 more words


Evaluating the success of partnerships should include Key Failure Indicators

I was very enthused to read a recent article on Devex.com about where partnerships are evolving as it pertains to international development.


Their outlook about the evolution of private, not for profit and government partnerships and the role they will play in development in the next 15 years is very positive. 539 more words


Making Medicine Count: The DecisionTools Suite Bolsters Efficacy of Humanitarian Programs

Getting life-saving drugs to under-served people in developing countries is a driving goal for many non-profit organizations. However, well-intentioned efforts like these can fall short of their desired impact due to poor understanding of market uncertainty and risks associated with pharmaceutical manufacturing. 357 more words

Case Studies

How peace gets stronger in society

I am writing an International Alert report about how peacebuilding can be more routinely and effectively integrated into economic development, for publication in mid-year. I.e. going beyond… 1,397 more words

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