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Praise for Learning and Teaching about Islam

We were delighted to read a glowing review of Learning and Teaching about Islam: Essays in Understanding in The Muslim World Book Review.

The book, edited by Caroline Ellwood and which you can read more about by clicking… 114 more words

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Desiring TESOL and International Education

In February we published Raqib Chowdhury and Phan Le Ha’s latest book Desiring TESOL and International Education. Here, the authors tell us a bit more about the key themes of the book. 242 more words

Applied Linguistics

Higher Education in the Original MERCOSUR

In 1991, four South American countries signed the Treaty of Assunción establishing the MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market), a free-trade zone comprised of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. 2,612 more words

Comparative Education

Two Articles, Two Looks at History

There are many ways to approach a subject, and history is one of my favorites. Two very different articles about very different subjects take opposing historical directions in analyzing the issues they set out to understand. 1,279 more words

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Higher Education in Brazil and Uruguay

The form and functioning of higher education in Latin America are direct results of historical and economic forces that have shaped it into what it is today. 1,616 more words

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Comparative Analysis: Brazil and Mexico

Brazil and Mexico are two emerging economic powerhouses. When NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was first signed, Mexico’s aspirations for joining the elite group of rich nations received a major boost, but soon economic and social challenges proved too much for a speedy race to the top (Hernández, Fregoso & García, 2013). 1,084 more words

Comparative Education

A Brief Overview of Comparative and International Education

Comparative and International Education are sister-disciplines with a long history and centuries of methodological development (Cowen, 1996). The humble beginnings of Comparative Education are found in Herodotus’ … 1,753 more words

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