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Life on the Road: Featuring GlobaLinks Regional Director - Jay Bartletti

In our Life on the Road series, GlobaLinks will be featuring one of our Regional Directors each month. Our Regional Directors are road warriors and travel around the country to speak with study abroad advisors, students, and international educators about the benefits of studying abroad. 1,560 more words


An American in Paris by Sara Jane Rodgers

An American in Paris

Let it be known that Sara Jane Elizabeth Rodgers survived 26.2 grueling miles by munching on sugar cubes while simultaneously falling irrevocably in love with a city. 704 more words

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Study Abroad... BUT Why?

Welcome to my blog series on study abroad! Study abroad is becoming an increasingly important and valued part of a college education. This series will first look at why study abroad is important for personal development and success in the job market, then will move on to ‘getting off the veranda’ (or the importance of true immersion during a study abroad experience), and finish with how students can make their experience ‘work for them’ by providing tips on how to showcase their international experiences. 703 more words

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News on Moving to Spain

Though many of you may already be aware – moving to Spain if you aren’t an EU citizen, or independently wealthy, is extremely challenging. There are so many obstacles, that you might confuse it with an acrophobe attempting to complete a ropes course whilst wearing high heels and no safety gear. 332 more words

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Why A Semester Abroad Is Not Like A Month Abroad

What do we hope to gain by traveling? A normal trip for pleasure might entail spending a few days or a week at an exotic destination. 593 more words


Campus Spotlight: J. Paul Leonard Library

In 2008, the University embarked on a major expansion and renovation of the J. Paul Leonard Library building. Since its completion, it has added a state-of-the-art teaching and learning center, and improved home of the J. 151 more words

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