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A Thousand Times Good Night (2013)

Check out my review for Erik Poppe’s latest film, starring Juliette Binoche (fangirl alert) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau over at Frost Magazine.

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A Thousand Times Good Night (Tusen ganger god natt)




Ukraine Forces and Pro-Russian Militants Battle Over Local Police Station – New York Times
US Tries to Help Ukraine, Reassure Allies Without Riling Russia – Wall Street Journal…
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Suspicious! Pentagon Blocks ALL Leave to Diego Garcia

The Daily Sheeple

RedFlagNews is reporting that as of April 4, leave travel TO Diego Garcia, the US military and intelligence base, is not authorized. 84 more words


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This might have more to do with preparations because of the rapidly worsening situation with Russia and Ukraine, rather than the missing Malaysian flight MH370. But then there's this today April 8... Seabee Divers repair moorings, cable off Diego Garcia http://www.vcstar.com/news/2014/apr/08/seabee-divers-repair-moorings-cable-off-diego/#ixzz2yLGdnrSG And there's this I posted about 3 weeks ago... http://thelanternjournal.wordpress.com/2014/03/14/cold-war-threat-of-war-geopolitical-situation-in-indian-ocean/ + + +


The threat of cold war between the United States and Russia once again appears to have raised its ugly head with the political crisis in Crimea, Ukraine reaching its crescendo as was seen recently. 616 more words

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Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

One of the few things about this situation that made any sense to me was that “Those in the know,” seemed to agree the plane would have carried only enough fuel to get it to its first stop Singapore from Kuala Lumpur. 1,217 more words

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The above title is not mine, is from the reblogged posting. I got notice about this via email from another blogger, and am now following this other blogger. I believe this report is within the realm of realistic possibilities My longer Comment posted there... I'm wondering, aside from this new information, when the search SW of Australia will give up. Or, in the greater conspiracy theory of my own, if they will find faked wreckage that was put there, if not finding the real wreckage. I must ask the questions: Did Malaysia PM lie about SW Australia location, make a stupid mistake, or make an honest mistake? If he lied, knowing it is not there, but not knowing where, then that is one thing, If he lied, knowing its true location, then that's another thing. I still believe it went down in the Malacca Strait where it went off of radar. Still many other possibilities. Maybe Maldives people did see it fly over, on its way down to Diego Garcia, but that's an unlikely flight path to go over their islands unless to mislead searchers. It may be something very surprisingly simple, or there might be a much bigger story. One thing is certain, my opinion: IF the US had anything to do with what happened to that jet and its passengers, and is trying to cover it up... President Obama is Commander-in Chief, no matter who down the chain of command might be responsible. Even if Obama didn't know, which no doubt he will claim if it is revealed the US did this, then he should immediately be impeached. I want him to be impeached, anyway, but this would have to be the so-called straw that broke the camel's back. Considering what CBS News 60 Minutes reported about what the UK and US did to the former inhabitants of Diego Garcia, basically engaging in international eminent domain - theft of their land, it would not surprise me if one of them finally tried to get revenge. Such as hijacking the jet with intent to crash it into the US Navy base there to try to do as much damage as possible. If so, then the US probably shot it down, rather than forcing it to land and secretly holding all of the passengers. It would not surprise me that there would be a cover-up for the US shooting down a passenger jet, for whatever reason. That's the nature of the government and military, and now especially the Obama Administration engaged in many cover-ups and many lies. At this point, none of the involved governments can be trusted. I quit trusting CNN's coverage of it, as well as many other news sources. Several lied to get more viewers and readers, saying confirmed wreckage had been found in article titles and scrolling news at bottom of TV screen - while in the text of the stories and what was stated on TV that what has been found has not been confirmed to be from MH370. So they lied to get attention. I've read hundreds of comments posted at those articles, condemning the writers and sources for lying to get more readers. The only possible good thing I can see for CNN's relentless 24/7 coverage of missing MH370, is that it helps to keep the pressure on the governments. Problem is, it takes the pressure off of other more important issues. As is, this kind of 24/7 coverage is unprecedented for a story of this kind. This is not at the same level of importance as the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon causing extensive news coverage. It's of course being done for advertising dollars, ratings, because of number of viewers still interested in the mystery of MH370. Also, there are some barely detectable indications that CNN might now be under partial control of the government. MSNBC already is Obama's fantasy news outlet. Maybe CNN is now the Disinformation News Network of the US Government Dictator Obama. That leaves only FOX News as the last barely trusted source of coverage.

Sarah Bajc has been interviewed several times about Philip Wood on cable TV news - I don't now recall if more so by CNN or FOX News but one of those. So far as I know, this possibility of US military involvement, has not been mentioned by her during the interviews of her, or others. However, "Malaysia Airlines passenger's partner says she's certain her soul mate is alive" http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/17/world/asia/malaysia-airlines-passenger-girlfriend/ [March 18]. Sarah Bajc is still posting tis date March 31 at Twitter https://twitter.com/FindPhilipWood and most recently March 23 at https://twitter.com/sjhbajc her personal account. Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/findingphilipwood370 for finding Philip Wood. Readers should trust what she reports.
UPDATE - BREAKING NEWS This just in about 6:30 a.m. CT Saturday 5 April 2014 China ship in South Indian Ocean has reported detecting signal from MH370 black box. Mentioned on CNN - then to Breaking News. I checked original source... Read at http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/malaysia/index.htm
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