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Languages for Business - 10 Expert Tips

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Linguistadores helps learners make a new language part of their daily life by connecting them to authentic news, music, and videos in their target language. 1,152 more words

China's Growth Path

When your lowest growth in six quarters is 7.4%, few would worry much about a looming slowdown. But, China is an exceptional case:

Since slower growth is a necessary part of this program, the current slowdown could be read as a positive sign that the days of growth at any cost are over.

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International Trade

Which are the most important languages for UK business people to study?

We all know that fluency in a foreign language opens many doors and helps organisations to be competitive in global markets. But which languages should we learn? 507 more words

Distinguishing Buying Clients from Curious Clients

MADFU is an acronym used to weed out potential clients who are just calling and curious about your product from the more serious buying clients. MADFU helps you strategize and focus your time more on the potential serious clients who have the budget and urgency to finish a project. 316 more words


Lost in Translation - Classic Marketing Blunders

Culture affects everything that we do – and impacts us as business people. Everything from symbols, to colours and words needs to be carefully researched before finalising the name, packaging and promotional campaign. 562 more words

How to create generic brand advertising

In my grand old days of multinational ad campaigns, shoots in exotic locations, securing global music rights or model buyouts for mass media viewing and ensuring the corporate tagline was spot on across all markets, the biggest fear the creative team faced was Not-Invented-Here syndrome. 123 more words


For the last couple of years I have somewhat regretted not studying a Biology-related degree at university, as opposed to a ‘more sensible’ business one (International Marketing). 333 more words

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