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Why Arabic is a Great Language for Business

As a student of Arabic for the past 4 years, and as someone who struggles to learn this wonderful, albeit difficult, language but resolutely refuses to give up, I am often asked ‘why’?   683 more words

Global Marketing

As marketers, it is amazing to find out the stuff that we take for granted.  This week in my Marketing Strategy course, we discuss the types of things that marketers must be aware of when entering the global market.   177 more words



Background History

Established in 1987 by Portuguese-Mozambican native Fernando Duarte & partner Robert Brozin, the first Nandos restaurant opened in Johannesburg, South Africa. The South African/Portuguese-styled casual dining restaurant, which has evolved over time, has been popularized by its various products, most particularly its specialty in fresh-flammed grilled chicken spiced with peri peri. 22 more words


Marketing in Italy

Italy is definitely one of the countries I am most excited to visit.  There is so much history and beautiful designs.  That is something Italy definitely takes advantage of is it design in many different categories.   219 more words


Diploma in Import and Export Management

iiiEM has an honest intention to motivate and encourage todays young generation to fulfill the unsaturated field of Export & Import by providing its best of the best knowledge and experience by its dedicated expertise for preparing good quality Exporter and Importer in the International Market and hence contributing to build up an asset pool for the country and the Industry. 685 more words


Diploma in Marketing Management: Ideal preparation for top marketing jobs

The job of a marketing manager is to devise key ideas and strategies of marketing for a company or organization, and ensure proper functioning of the many business operations of the company. 375 more words

Industrial Marketing And Project Marketing

Technology’s Impact on Globalization

Technology is a major force that has contributed towards globalization which has revolutionized the market place. The advanced technology in information and communication has enabled products and ideas to transcend across the globe much more quickly and developments in transportation has paved way for moving goods across borders. 322 more words