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Global Marketing: Striving for Commonality

A global market for homogeneous products and services had emerged that was caused by technological advancement, nowadays global companies are striving to produce products and services that are familiar and accepted across different nations. 304 more words


A Global Pricing Theory: Will this Help?

How critical does the ‘Pricing’ role plays in the world of international marketing? Clearly as marketers, we knew how price grandly contributes for a company considering the fact that it’s the one which creates revenue for the firm. 449 more words

International Marketing

Marketing to a Global Audience: Making Your Company's Translation Projects More Efficient

By Marion Rhodes
English-German Translator

Every now and then, it is good for us translators to walk in the shoes of our clients and see what their internal struggles are when it comes to translating content for foreign-language markets. 1,451 more words


Haven is For Real

Oftentimes, people tend to unwind after a week of hard work or after reaching their quotas or just because they like to. It is one of those times where you can rest and recharge or just spend time with your family and loved ones. 336 more words

International Marketing

International Marketing

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day about her experiences this summer on her trip Ireland for her summer internship.  For someone who has not left the country yet, it amazed me how different peoples thoughts, actions, and ways of communicating were since I have not experienced it first hand.   144 more words


3 Great Reasons To Do a Year Out

I was recently asked by a student why I consider the year abroad so important.  As an employer, seeing this on a CV speaks volumes to me without even meeting the candidate.   1,011 more words

Competitive Advantage, Always be at my Side

It’s still happening; the international marketing has even more reached a new level in facing the challenge of heightened competition. With thousands of products competing in the market, aiming to penetrate millions of consumers, entering into the “pie chart” still is a very complex thing to achieve. 484 more words

International Marketing