International Students: The adaptation to Australian life

When an international student approached me yesterday with questions about Australia, I could not believe how appropriate it was that this should happen at a time when I was desperate for something to blog about! 677 more words

Thirsty Thursdays Thoughts - Racism Exist, Even At Wal-Mart

I usually don’t write about these kind of things, but sometimes these type of things just really piss me off and I ought to give my 2 cent on it. 519 more words


New friends and new events

What an amazing week meeting so many new International friends! We will be pairing people up for language partners soon, so make sure you sign up! 96 more words

Multiplicity and hybridity: Connecting international students

80% of our international students are from Asia (marginson, 2012) and with Asian countries operating in a very different manor compared to Australia, relationship building between Asian international students and Australian students can often be quite hard. 416 more words

BCM 111

International Students - Lyon loves YOU!

With the days getting shorter and fall fashion appearing in store windows, there is no denying that la rentrée is definitely here.

Unlike those of us in the southern hemisphere who dread seeing school stationery supplies in supermarkets from mid-January, for students in the northern hemisphere the end of summer vacation and commencement of classes occurs in late August.   1,033 more words

Métro. Boulot. Dodo.