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What Does My Business Need to Know About International Law?

An International Law FAQ with Mary E. Vandenack.

 If your business is going to engage in business in international waters, then your business is going to be subject to a variety of international laws. 93 more words

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The Tax Business

If proof were needed that the Silly Season is upon us, it turned up in our mail box a few days ago. Slowly ripping open the envelope housing last week’s Economist, I noticed an ‘x’ peeping out at me from the partially-revealed cover. 646 more words

International Tax

President Misses the Mark on Inversion Blame

By Guest Blogger, Ed Jenkins Jr., CPA

In President Obama’s press conference on Aug. 7, 2014, he blamed the wave of corporate inversions to escape the 35 percent statutory corporate federal tax rate on “accountants going to some big corporations… and saying we found a great loophole.” The President’s statement is off the mark. 484 more words

Nowhere to hide

Tax Break has just had its longest break since its inception in 2011 due to the difficult period Israel has been going through. The post below is more sober than usual (in fact, for some people, it might be downright depressing). 847 more words

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IC-DISC Series: Overview and History

The IC-DISC is the last remaining export tax incentive. I think it is important to point out from the start that this is not a tax shelter or any other scheme with similar risk involved, but instead, the IC-DISC is a legislatively enacted tax benefit included in the Internal Revenue Code under Sections 991-997. 746 more words


Corporate Inversions: Without Comprehensive Tax Reform The US May Not Get That Investment Anyway

Corporate inversions have been in the news a lot lately. The old is new again with politicians and scholars weighing in on how best to curb the practice. 919 more words

Corporate Inversions

Horses for courses: why oversimplifying the “tax competition” debate does no-one any favours

By Jason Piper, tax and business law manager, ACCA

Among the themes covered in the ongoing debates around BEPS and international tax, there’s been a strand of discussion around “tax competition” – the practice by governments of attempting to make their jurisdiction look more attractive than others by reducing the tax burden on businesses. 797 more words