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Top 5 Most Expensive Collector Firearms

Everyone dreams of finding that one-of-a-kind treasure hidden away in their attic or family member’s storage shed. While those types of lucky finds aren’t entirely unheard of, most of the highly sought after collector firearms are well documented and have been sold at one time or another. 454 more words


Inclusion of HR (clause) in WTO agreement: A long pending HR-WTO Debate


The relationship between human rights law and international trade law has been a point of discussion for trade diplomats, human rights advocates, activists and research scholars for many years although the debate on the inclusion of human rights clause in WTO agreement is as recent as 1999 Seattle protest against WTO. 1,957 more words

Roundup 7-18-2014

Bro Bowl – Did You Really Expect Anything Else?

In what will come as no surprise to anyone who observes Tampa politics, the Mayor is going to succeed in destroying the Bro Bowl, the latest step being the City Council’s rubber stamp. 2,998 more words

Economic Development

FDI in Africa: Who is Winning?

The increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa has brought about significant changes to its economies that have produced both winners and losers. This dichotomy is illustrated in a piece published by the Globe and Mail that contrasts two villages in Sierra Leone, one that has seen notable economic progress and increased employment in the wake of European investment in its agricultural land, and a neighbouring village that has been shut out by the same company and is suffering as a result (York 2012). 369 more words


Why do Danes love globalization?

Denmark is in favor of globalization because its people recognize that the gains from engaging in free trade will ultimately outweigh the losses. Instead of viewing competition from foreign labour markets as a threat, Danes see it as an opportunity; as one Danish union shop steward explained, “… Where the jobs go, the standard of living is growing, and then they can afford to buy more … things from the West.” (Fox 2007).  332 more words


The Wisdom of Adam Smith for our Own Times

Courtesy of Professor Antal E. Fekete @ Professor Fekete.com:

─ A Rejoinder ─

Let us celebrate the 291st birthday of the great Scottish economist together and let us rehabilitate his Real Bills Doctrine! 2,377 more words

Precious Metals

Blood Brothers

British sports fans experienced something unusual last week. After the rapier brilliance of Germany’s World Cup semi-final demolition of Brazil, an idea spread up and down the country, whispered at first but by the weekend loud and clear. 648 more words