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Dominican Republic Commits to Defending Whales

A Greenpeace delegation is now in the Dominican Republic asking the country to join the campaign to ban the slaughter of whales. Although the Environment Ministry states that it is truly committed to defending the humpback whales, it admits that it still owes the membership in the International Whaling Commission. 201 more words


A fishy news report brings dark sentiments to the surface

On July 28 this year, a report was released that claimed 16 members of a Japanese whaling crew were killed by orcas in the Southern Ocean. 418 more words

New Zealand Steps in to Prevent Japanese From Whaling in 2015

August 1st, 2014. Despite decreasing demand for whale meat and international bans on whaling, the Japanese have found loopholes to continue the cruel practice in the name of tradition, for sport, and to glean as much profit as possible while they still can. 359 more words

Endangered Biodiversity

The Problem with Reservations

I have a serious problem when it comes to reservations. And no, I am not talking about the kind you make when you are going on vacation or to a restaurant. 323 more words


The Whales, The Whalers and The Activists

The International Whaling Commission placed a moratorium on any sort of commercial whaling in 1986, in the Antarctic due to the obliteration of whale populations from commercial hunting. 877 more words

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