International students prefer the best host family every time

Every international student in the USA now feels homeland because of the most exceptional facilities and very good support every time. Many people all through Asia now contact AIEP (Apex International Education Partners) to know the best educational opportunities in the leading schools and colleges here. 356 more words


Red Cliff International Version - Part I & Part II

RED CLIFF is the epic historical dramabased on a legendary 208 A.D. battle that heralded the end of the Han Dynasty. A power-hungry Prime Minister-turned-General Cao Cao seeks permission from the Han Dynasty Emperor to organize asouthward-bound mission designed to crush the two troublesome warlords who stand in his way, Liu Bei and Sun Quan. 28 more words

Nigeria preacher: Healer or controversial leader?

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — It’s Sunday, and 15,000 people are seated in the enormous arena-like church, fanning themselves against the dusty humid air in Nigeria. 1,266 more words


BREAKING NEWS: Chile to End Public Funding of Private Education!

Under the dictator Pinochet, Chile became devoted to the free-market theories of libertarian economist Milton Friedman. It adopted a voucher system and embrace choice.

Over the years, the schools experienced growing social segregation and little or no improvement. 274 more words

Education Reform

'Wake up, please!': Death toll from South Korean ferry rises to 50

BREAKING: The death toll from the South Korean ferry sinking has reached 50, and 252 people remain missing, the country’s coast guard said Sunday. Officials said 174 people have been rescued. 829 more words





the rest of us can but admire. So don’t look for messages or meanings, just enjoy the artistry herein … 372 more words


Nobel Prize winner Garcia Marquez dead at 87

MEXICO CITY — Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez died Thursday at the age of 87.

A prolific writer who started out as a newspaper reporter, Garcia Marquez might be most remembered for One Hundred Years of Solitude, a piece that helped him win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982. 1,166 more words