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Internationalization (i18n)
The process of making a program localizable. This would cover work to allow for different fonts and charactersets to be displayed correctly. To allow for scripts that run from right-to-left, etc. 85 more words
Did You Know…

Better handling of RTL stylesheets in plugins and themes

Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Let Core Do The Work For Me.

If you’ve ever done something like this, we should have a little chat: 548 more words


Mastering #XPages: Buy the eBook

I’ve had my copy of Mastering XPages (2nd Edition) for a little while. It’s a darn heavy book, but because of that, it’s packed with information. 584 more words


Bridging College and the World

by Lily Forsman

On Thursday, September 25, journalist Elizabeth Redden gave a presentation about current trends in internationalization in higher education.  She addressed several points relating to effective study abroad programs, creating global citizens, foreign language requirements, the recruitment and integration of international students, and the roles and values of universities and institutions in the internationalization process. 280 more words


왜 스타트업에서 제품을 세계화 해야할까?

블룸버그 뉴스는 국제 뉴스를 다루는 미국에 본사를 둔 회사이다. 블룸버그에서 2014년 1월에 세계 혁신 지표를 사용하여 30개의 가장 혁신적인 나라를 뽑았는데 한국이 1위를 하였다. 아래는 순위 카테고리이다.


Bart Rice Rare Raids Reap Rewards

South African trainer Bart Rice was on the mark today, sending out two runners at Busan Racecourse today and coming home with two winners.

It’s the kind of thing the 38-year-old has become renowned for in his short time at the track so far. 401 more words

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