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Benefits of Mobile Banking and Internet Marketing in Santa Barbara

Gone are the days of rushing home or to the office to get on the Internet. Even lugging around a laptop computer seems to be a thing of the past, thanks to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. 138 more words


Facebook Introduced Save Button On Mobile And Desktop

Facebook has introduced a new button that enables users to save items that can be read later. Dubbed simply as ‘Save’, the feature is similar to bookmarks and allows users to save links, music, places and more for later. 183 more words


How I Fell into a Black Hole of Too Much Great TV

As TV watchers, we’re remarkably lucky. It seems that year over year, there’s a neverending parade of outstanding new and returning shows on television. Some of the best stuff is screened on streaming services and cable channels, where we’re seeing bold narrative choices like anthology shows and series that follow new groups of characters each season. 791 more words


Does West Games even Internet?

commentary and unused notes from my Motherboard article “Did Russia’s Vladimir Putin Just Endorse a Ukrainian Post-Apocalyptic Video Game?”

This post is recommended for readers… 1,284 more words

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My Cynical Dalliance with Social Media

Compared to many of my peers, my digital footprint is relatively large but my engagement has been minimal.  It’s a gift and curse in some ways.   631 more words