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Internet gatekeeper ICANN hacked


SAN FRANCISCO —The private agency that acts as a gatekeeper for the Internet said that hackers tricked their way into its computers.

A “spearfishing” attack aimed at U.S.-based nonprofit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) hooked staff members with emails crafted to appear as though they were sent from peers using “icann.org” addresses, according to a blog post. 301 more words

Online Marketing—Inspired by Memes

You might have been among those who have been dreamily staring at Alex from Target because of his innate charms and irresistible baby face. He, along with other overnight internet sensations ranging from men, women, and grumpy cats, is considered to be a meme, an idea shared from person to person within a certain culture. 180 more words


A Short History of Most Popular Websites

Everything that rises must converge – that’s true also on the internet. Great visual by The Washington Post.


Spooky Black shares new song "Worn" — listen

Spooky Black is the moniker of a mysterious, do-rag donning 16-year-old Minnesotan who became a viral sensation thanks to his glitchy, sexually-tinged brand of R&B and his wonderfully retro music videos. 87 more words

New Music

The Truth is Hard to Find in the Digital Age

Charles Mueller & Jennifer Buss

Do you trust everything you read on the Internet? No, ok. Do you scour the first couple hits on Google until you find a source that you believe is reputable? 549 more words


¿ How does cybercrime affect people ? This true story is not lost.

this is my story.

One day, I received an email that appeared to come from my bank, which was asked to initiate session in my bank account to update my personal information. 204 more words


Spreadable Media Part 3: The Results.

So, I’ve created and released my spreadable media project into the wild, (post 1) I’ve looked at the fundamentals of what creates spreadable media, so all that’s left is to analyse the results and see how it did! 518 more words