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China's Internet censorship failures and netizens' comparisons of North Korea today to Maoist China

Sina Weibo is a social networking website in China, similar to twitter. Despite China’s reputation for censoring the internet, the Chinese government seems to have trouble censoring the scores of conversations happening on Weibo. 115 more words

10 Countries That Have Blocked YouTube

Everyone loves YouTube right? Wrong. We take a look at the 10 countries who’ve tried their best to shut us down.

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X22 Report: UN Is Preparing To Censor And Tax The Internet

Spain rejects Catalonia referendum for independence. The Greek people are again protesting austerity. Cyprus still has capital controls and they are in an emergency situation. Consumer spending is flat and falling. 99 more words


Spring 2014 Print Edition

Protocol Magazine is proud to announce the launch of our Spring 2014 Print Edition. With a collection of top articles published throughout the year, this is a feature not to be missed! 36 more words


Creeping Fascism

Creeping Fascism

by Jitske Eizema


I am not cool with Google, at all, anymore. All it used to mean to me was a free webmail adress; I have several, which I use for times when I’m required or pressured to give up my e-mail adress knowing all it will get me is junk mail. 1,348 more words

The Changing Media Landscape and the Internet Censorship in China

In 2007, a Chinese well-known news anchor published an article on his blog calling for the close of a Starbucks in the Forbidden City. Soon, thousands of Chinese netizens participated in a Web-based campaign to protect the “national indignity” and drove away the “western monster” that jeopardized the integrity of traditional Chinese culture. 736 more words