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For me, as a blogger to not ‘comment’ on this NEW “net neutrality” mess brewing would not be true to my creed as an independent thinker and lover of information… 481 more words

Free Speech

Obama Wants to Now Fully Regulate the Internet as a Public Utility

Martin Armstrong

There is perhaps no President who has done more to destroy everything he has ever thought about than Barrack Obama from world peace to our constitutional rights. 566 more words


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If Obama has his way a lot of blogs will be forced to shut down, this one included. The truth will suffer, but that will be the least of it. Tyranny will flourish as our rights continue to diminish.

Internet Censorship - right or wrong?

Nearly everybody has an idea what ‘Internet Censorship’ means. Most people don’t like it if their permission in the web will be restricted. Hence there are demonstrations if a government plans to censor content in the web, especially if the country takes freedom of speech seriously apart from that and demonstrators normally don’t have to fear consequences (if they protest peacefully). 1,527 more words

Nanowrimo, Transgenderness, and School Wifi

Remember a few days ago when I said I’m really stressed out and I don’t feel like I have anything relevant to say?

I changed my mind. 872 more words


Dopes, censorship and repression

The military brass has again declared its loyalty to its boss. Why these dolts bother beats us, but there’s always a chance that one of the dopes gets sick of the dopes above him and tries to change things. 289 more words

False Flag Alert: New Zealand Is ISIS Internet Headquarters!

Not quite a the raid I was expecting but it turns out New Zealand is ISIS’s head quarters! Be prepared for more invasive laws, less freedom of speech and more restrictions on your movements around the place.  135 more words

Economic Meltdown

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John Key starting to be more like Obama. If our government is going to use ISIS as a scare tactic to have more of our freedom removed. For as New Zealander we all for the stand up and say enough is enough.