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Australian Government Pushing ‘Internet Tax’ To Pay For NSA Style Spying

by Steve Watson
July 29, 2014

Forcing private companies to become mass surveillance hubs

The Australian government is pushing to implement a ”surveillance tax” on the people of the country in order to pay for a mandate that would see communications companies retaining data on customers for two years. 604 more words

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Do you know we don't have FB in China? and not only FB |凭啥就我们不能用脸书

People always say the internet makes the world a smaller place, but I feel China is still standing alone, in a dark corner, in this shrinking world, when everyone else is having a huge internet party. 810 more words


How to Access Facebook in China

The question of how to access Facebook in China is a good one, since the only way to unblock blocked sites and get around the great firewall of China is by using a web proxy service. 302 more words

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Further updated: Fascist Thailand with the King as Head of State

Every day the military junta appears to dress itself as a fascist dictatorship. The leather riding boots, jutting jaws and fake campaign medals are sure to come if they continue on their self-appointed task of destroying all opposition to royalist dominance. 451 more words

'Hidden From Google' site archiving links blocked under EU's right to be forgotten law

A controversial European court ruling recently determined that people had the “right to be forgotten” and ordered search engines like Google to purge unflattering web links from their search history, but does the internet really have a delete button? 211 more words

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Censorship protects those in power

For reasons we do not want to detail, we have been off email for a week or so. In that period, however, several readers have sent us some great material that we will gradually post over the next couple of days. 662 more words

The Great Firewall Of China, Briefly

What has been called the “Great Firewall Of China” is, as Richard Baum informs us, a “system of governmental regulations, automated Web filters, and human surveillance designed to censor unwanted internet content… 106 more words

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