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Why Mark Zuckerberg should call Rupert Murdoch for advice on China

The scene in the office of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last week was as astonishing as it was revealing: the famed founder of the social media network hosting a Chinese Communist Party official whose responsibility includes preventing Facebook from entering China. 707 more words


Internet freedom weakens around the world

By exposing the US National Security Agency’s surveillance programs in 2014, rogue sysadmin and master leaker Edward Snowden likely didn’t mean to spur local governments into more closely surveilling citizens’ data. 711 more words


A survey of what councils censor at public libraries in London

Web content filtering software is used at a variety of institutions in the UK, including universities and public libraries. These filters work in different ways; one of the common methods is to block based on certain categories e.g. 536 more words

Online News Sites To Be Blacked Out During Next Major Catastrophic Event?

By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) According to what I’m hearing from several sources in my network of contacts, the U.S. 1,716 more words

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It's been a bad year for internet freedom

Internet freedom has declined around the globe, once again, in 2014. A new report out from Freedom House shows that 36 of the 65 countries evaluated showed a negative trajectory since May 2013, with Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine facing the biggest downturn in internet freedom. 241 more words

The Internet Doesn’t Need More Regulation, Mr. President

By James Gattuso ~

Like Theodore Roosevelt, Barack Obama knows that the presidency makes an effective bully pulpit — even when you have historically low approval ratings. 581 more words

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Obama Wants to Now Fully Regulate the Internet as a Public Utility

Martin Armstrong

There is perhaps no President who has done more to destroy everything he has ever thought about than Barrack Obama from world peace to our constitutional rights. 566 more words


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If Obama has his way a lot of blogs will be forced to shut down, this one included. The truth will suffer, but that will be the least of it. Tyranny will flourish as our rights continue to diminish.